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To the Near East there arrives the assistant to the US state secretary William Burns

As the correspondent " passes; News " its trip to region begins with Egypt. The high-ranking American diplomat intends to visit 2 Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestinian autonomy.

the trip main task - to try to find once again ways of settlement of a situation in the Near East, first of all concerning the proceeding it is Israeli - the Palestinian opposition.

main " a scandalous highlight " trips consists that, according to the information sounded in Washington by the representative of US State department by Richard Baucherom, William Burns`s plans do not include MTGs with Yasser Arafat, though as it is underlined, he nevertheless intends to carry on negotiations W some other representatives of the Palestinian National Administration.

The Given approach of Americans 2 a trip of their representative of high rank to the Near East once again has called the big satisfaction israelites who underline now fidelity of Washington of a position selected after June, 24th when US president George Bush in the performance has urged Palestinians to select to itself the new leader.

the Israeli authorities, and first of all the prime minister - minister Ariel Sharon, specifies for a long time already in hopelessness of conducting any negotiations W Yasser Arafat who, in their opinion, itself is involved 2 terrorist activity and EVN in some cases supervises over terrorists.

nevertheless, such approach does not meet understanding in many other states of the world, first of all European, and also in the United Nations and other international organisations. As to Palestinians they continue to insist on that the NE negotiations, concerning settlements of their relations W Israel, nevertheless were conducted through Yasser Arafat.

before departure William Burns has met on Thursday in Paris representatives so-called " the big Near-Eastern quartet " where diplomats from Russia, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations enter.