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Lithuania expects from the introduction into the NATO bolshej security and inflow of investments

Lithuania expects from the introduction into the NATO bolshej security and inflow of investments, the correspondent " passes; News ".

As the ambassador of Lithuania in the Russian Federation has declared Rimantas Shidlauskas, acting at a seminar " Regional security and NATO expansion " in Pskov, Lithuania considers the NATO not as the organisation directed against someone, and as association of collective security which can counteract new calls and threats. SHidlauskas has underlined that Lithuania " does not want to represent so-called " a grey zone " on a map of Europe as it generates uncertainty and conflict threat ".

the Ambassador of Lithuania has noticed that with the introduction into the NATO of the Baltic States the zone of stability and security in Europe will extend. Thus, as he said, Lithuania C in the introduction into the Alliance " The big possibilities 4 development of relations W Russia, ESP 2DAY when new interaction between the Alliance and Moscow " is under construction;.

Shidlauskas has specified that Lithuania already has an experience of cooperation with the Russian military group in the Kaliningrad region. Gud contacts are come into, the parties communicate. The ambassador 2 has reminded that the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivans during the visit to Lithuania has declared that Moscow is satisfied by the decision of a question on military transit through territory of this republic.

the diplomat has expressed hope that the introduction of the states of Baltic into the NATO will pass more EZ, than the first stage of expansion of the Alliance. The ambassador has noticed that Lithuania has spent a Gud spadework to correspond to criteria of the NATO in five basic spheres - in the field of the legislation, in information security maintenance, in political sphere, in economic indicators and in military area. " We hope that the decision in Prague will be not only political step, and will be based on an estimation of performance by us " homework " on conformity to the given criteria " - the ambassador has specified.

according to Shidlauskasa, Lithuania can bring the contribution to cooperation within the limits of the Alliance. Gud experience of regional interaction, first of all, W the Baltic neighbours of republic can become such contribution, as he said. The ambassador, in the intention to enter the NATO Lithuania Besides, has specified is guided also by economic reasons - Vilnius expects increase in investments after joining to the NATO.

in turn, the adviser of embassy of Latvia in the Russian Federation Argita Daudze 2 has noticed that in Latvia hope that the introduction into the NATO will lead to increase in investments into this country and its economic development. " the NATO - the organisation of democratic standards, club, and at ANY1 club is the rules " - she has noted. As she said, Riga " it is ready to play by these rules ".