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Power of the Far East intend to RCV guarantees of repayment of debts before a tax warmly in houses of defaulters

guarantees of repayment of debts and payment of current consumption energetikam the Far East will not be given Yet, defaulters will freeze.

as have informed on Friday " News " in a press - service " Vostokenergo " consumers of the Far East should energetikam 6,4 mlrd roubles.

by data a press - services, the lion`s share of defaulters - the housing and communal services enterprises. On them " conscience " not paid heat on 4,3 mlrd roubles. On Kamchatka debts kommunalshchikov make 99 percents from the general debts on teploenergii, in Yakutia - 91 percents, in the Amur region - 88 percents, in Magadan - 85 percents, in Primorski Krai - 76 percents, in Khabarovsk territory - 47 percents

Thus process of settlement of debts goes extremely slowly in all subjects of Far East region.

W/ O heat there is all Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, except for 30 diligent consumers. For payment of current consumption of heat of housing and communal services of a city the mayor and the governor were charged, and here for payment of debts - is not present. On " is not present " and heat is not present.

the republic Sakha Government/ Yakutia/ has assumed liability on repayment of the delayed debts. Now its mechanism is developed. Debts of the municipal enterprises of the city of Nerjungri are collected in the order established by the law through arbitration court and court orders.

in a press - service " Vostokenergo " have underlined that power are ready to dialogue as understand that diligent consumers can appear hostages of defaulters.