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Five fishermen have sunk near Novosibirsk

Their boat has turned over on lake Chany

to Troy kemerovchan and Berezovsky`s three inhabitants have gone to fish to lake Chany. Men have left on two foreign cars, have taken networks, tent and set of equipment. Tubs - huge lake, second-large in Russia after Baikal and, floating on it by a boat from one of islands to coast, fishermen have got under the present storm.

- waves were more than metre in height, water has overflowed a boat, it has turned over, - has explained the employee Barabinsk ROVD Jeanne RADICH. - nobody is More than fishermen saw.

in some days a boat has beaten to coast. Near to it, having got confused in networks, the body of one of the gone floated. Relatives have identified 33 - summer kemerovchanina Evgenie Antonova. More divers continue to search for a four.

- in a place where people - a strong current have sunk, - have explained in department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Kuibyshev (Novosibirsk region). - Probably, bodies has carried away also we them on a broader scale never we will find.

- tubs - the unique salty lake rich with a sazan, crucians, leshchom, but - very dangerous. There are waves under two metres! - have explained to us in Barabinsk ROVD. - At us here for a week - nine sunk!

according to militiamen, all six kuzbassovtsev could be lost. But one of them has refused to fish at the last minute - remained in the nearest village, with relatives. As though had a presentiment...

now divers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures search for bodies of a four:

* 45 - summer berezovets Valery Petrov;

* his son - 24 - summer Denis Petrov;

* kemerovchanin Victor Shevchenko (60 years);

* kemerovchanin Gennady Tomilinenko (57 years).