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On Mine will construct new control office

Many minibuses will soon go not to MZHK, and much further!

On the prospectus of Miners have disassembled a control office building - it disturbs to building 11 - go microdistrict. Control office will soon transfer on 1,5 kilometres further from the Center - deep into Miner area. It will build on crossing of three streets - Antipova, Alma - Atinsky and Rakitjansky, in a private sector. A platform in 400 sq. metres have already cleared away, it otsypjat rubble and will establish temporary control office. Later, in 2007, will construct a capital building with all conveniences (for rest of drivers). A platform for transport - will asphalt.

- routes which now go to MZHK, will be soon prolonged to new, under construction, control office, - have explained in UEZTU. - Therefore to get and to rural hospital, and in a private sector - behind hospital - it will be easier. Now go to MZHK and minibuses 82 and 23, buses 82 and 50 are developed. In the near future they and will go to MZHK but as soon as there will be a temporary control office - in a private sector - their route should be extended.