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The blown up TV has crippled kemerovchanina

Fire has burnt to the man a hand and feet

the Color TV the Emerald in a family of Sheremetevyh has appeared about 15 years ago. Despite the already enough respectable age, old a TV set showed well, the image not rjabilo and did not shiver, and colours did not vanish.

- that day, except me and the grandmother, the house nobody was. I had a rest and the day off before " spent; a box - remembers 30 - summer Alexander Sheremetev. - left on kitchen and has returned to a room already through pair minutes. And only has approached to an armchair, as from a back part a TV set has tumbled down a smoke.

Alexander has rushed to pull out a plug. Here in a box something has flashed, then the kinescope has burst and the flame club has risen. From fire on the man the clothes have lighted up, and from a blast wave windowpanes, including on street have taken off. Fortunately, under windows nobody passed. And in a room wall-paper has turned black, was melted off a tulle and curtains.

- I so have become puzzled that at first have rushed to extinguish a flame hands, - Alexander is confused. - Has come round, when the grandmother has come running. Has thrown off burning clothes, has typed a bucket of water and has started to fill in a flame. And after has already called on 03.

Arrived fast ascertained at Alexander Sheremetev burns II - III degrees (bubbles and a caked crust on a skin) the right forearm and a hip. The left foot too has burnt, but any more so it is strong.

- I can not look without tears at the son, - Alexander`s mum sighs. - burns red, swelled up. Tries not to move, painfully after all. Speak, standing scars remain, but the main thing that live remained.

- for 16 years, on my memory it is the second patient who has burnt from the blown up TV, - Alexey SALSK, the doctor of the regional burn centre where now takes place treatment Sheremetev speaks. - But to the first victim kinescope splinters poseklo the person and a neck so it is possible to tell, Alexander has still got off light.


Sergey SERBINOVSKY, the director of a teleworkshop Balaton :

- the Surprising case! In colour TVs still with 70 - h years there were explosion-proof kinescopes. The maximum could burn down the condenser, but also that the usual clap would be distributed. The smoke, yes, would go, but more no consequences should be. The scanty chance of explosion could be, if the TV did not have a back cover, the dust has inside accumulated, water has accumulated and there were other similar infringements of service conditions and fire prevention rules.

Vitaly KNYAZEV, the chief of department of protection of the rights of consumers:

- Each technics has certain term of operation. If at this TV it yet has not expired, the man can bring an action against the manufacturer if that, of course, still exists.