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Across Novokuznetsk walks a hepatitis

In a city in 4 times (!) Disease of a jaundice

has grown - to Name it flash or hepatitis epidemic And it is impossible, - has told the deputy chief of territorial department Rospotrebnadzora of Elena MINAKOV, - but an occasion to trouble is: this year number of the people who have picked up a virus of a hepatitis And has grown in 4 times!

especially it is a lot of novokuznechan have picked up an infection last two months, and while as speak in Rospotrebnadzore, on recession disease of a hepatitis And does not go.

experts guess: from - for what there could be such general infection? It is a little variants: townspeople could pick up a hepatitis from bad foodstuff, at contact to already ill people.

- but, most likely, people have caught through water. We have interviewed among the diseased, and it has appeared that 90 % from them drank unboiled water from - under the crane. Especially and laboratory researches which have made recently, have shown that in a city water supply system there is a hepatitis activator And . A leah But to all fault water? So to say it is impossible. After all others of 10 % of victims boiled water before the use, - has told Elena Minakov.

meanwhile now on an exit from water-purifying stations water disinfect: chlorinate several times more than usually.

officially to drink water from - under the crane in Novokuznetsk it is not forbidden. But physicians nevertheless recommend to be protected: to boil water or to use butilirovannuju.