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Through Indian ocean - under a sail!

Kemerovchanin Paul Gridin intends to cross the most rough ocean of the world on... A catamaran. And still - to solve the well-known Maldivian riddle

Paul and four its friends (from Novosibirsk and Tomsk) have already tested the vessel by the Obsky sea.

- actually it is an inflatable mattress! Only with close tent - from the sun to hide - and a sail, - has explained the traveller. - on such vessel still nobody crossed Indian ocean. From Russians it is exact, and from foreigners - hardly. All over the world of inflatable courts why - that very much are afraid. Expedition start is planned for the middle of December. The catamaran leaves either from African, or from the Arabian port - where will start up Russians local authorities. Where finish... Too it is not clear!

- in Indian ocean - the weight of currents, a storm, a shark, can bring us on any coast - from Australia to Thailand! - Paul Gridin has explained. - On a broader scale we hope to reach one of islands of Indonesia.

On road guys plan to visit Maldive Islands. Here there are the mysterious pyramids similar to a pyramid of Heopsa in Egypt. And nobody knows - whence strange constructions undertook! Tomsk scientist Evgenie Kovalevsky, the employee of the Russian Academy of Sciences, intends to undertake a secret solution. He is not confused even with that under a sail it did not go never!

for 1,5 - 2 months expedition intends to overcome 6000 kilometres. Siberians will have the advanced equipment and satellite communication systems. They plan to communicate with Continent every day.

- the most interesting that all of us, by and large, at ocean beginners. So it is far under a sail still went nobody, - Paul Gridin has explained. - Certainly, strashnovato, after all only fools are not afraid. But we are old friends and we will be, I think, the good command!


Paul GRIDIN - the businessman, the traveller, the photographer, the organizer well-known Meetings of fools And parties of nudists. Has a rank the Merited traveller of Russia . It was alloyed on mortally dangerous mountain rivers, went under a sail on Baikal, the Obsky and Black seas.