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Graduates of school have organised a gang of car thieves

without having wanted to study further, they have decided to steal old cars

Four young men have left school this year. All the summer long they have let out in a city, in hope to find for itself suitable employment. that without special pressures and money was - one of boys admitted on interrogation.

- it is surprising, but all four - from safe families. Live with mums and fathers, - have told in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kemerovo. - it is impossible to tell that they need money. Are decently dressed, normally communicate. It would Seem, live on parental money while there is a possibility, study in high school. On October, 8th in a court yard on Southern boys have noticed the car the Field . Have decided the car to steal, and then to ask for owner to redeem it. A knife have opened a door, the alarm system was not. They have driven away the Field in nursery area, is closer to a cemetery.

- Next day enterprising pilferers have called the owner Fields also have offered to buy at them the car for 67 thousand rbl. But that has disagreed and has threatened with militia, - have told to us in a press - service. - then still every other day guys have called it again and have suggested to give to them for the Field 35 thousand. Having received the negative answer, car thieves have decided to sell the car on spare parts.

four days later from a court yard on Southern guys have stolen the car VAZ - 2113.

- on October, 13th them have caught on the next stealing, - Sergey SIRANT, the item operupolnomochennyj department on struggle against thefts and stealings avtomototransporta has told the Department of Internal Affairs of Kemerovo. - on interrogation guys have told that began to be engaged in thefts spontaneously. In a city it is a lot of old cars, frequently they are not equipped by the alarm system and easily open. On sale of spare parts for these days they have earned no more 15 thousand rbl. But all the matter is that except Fields And VAZ - 2113 around a nursery six more cars have been found. Laid in ashes also are spoilt to unrecognizability. But too without spare parts and on handwriting are very similar on what were stolen by guys. We have learnt that all cars have left with Southern, but car thieves admitted only theft of two cars.

now all four are under a subscription about nevyezde. It brings accusation in theft of another`s property. Most likely, young men will get off light or conditional term.