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In Anzhero - Sudzhenske have detained the pseudo-terrorist

20 - the summer idler has called in a kindergarten and has informed that in it the bomb

When in kindergarten " is put; the Sun phone call and a man`s voice was distributed has informed that in a garden the bomb " is put; the manager at first has decided that it is doctrines. But already during the following moment was frightened, suddenly truth? And after all in a garden children with infringements oporno - the impellent device. Is both sick DTSP, and absolutely not walking! Children undressed on street you will not deduce, there a cold dog, and sleet. And the personnel of all some persons.

- it is good, the manager has remembered how to behave in similar cases, - Alexander potapochkin, a press - the secretary of Department of Internal Affairs Anzhero - Sudzhenska has told. - Has hanged up near to phone (that militiamen have then calculated, whence called) and has sent the worker in the next kindergarten to call militia. Itself has begun evacuation of children.

The Arrived militia together with a dog, naturally, has not found any bomb and has started to search for the pseudo-terrorist.

the hooligan have caught in two hours after a call. It has appeared it 20 - the summer guy who anywhere does not study and does not work. Besides, it in the childhood itself went to this kindergarten, and in it its own mother works! That day to it it was boring, it, having accepted on a chest has solved to joke thus. Also has called in a garden from house number of the friend. And after with pleasure observed (!), how evacuate sick children.

now to the hooligan threatens to 200 thousand roubles of the penalty or till 3 years of imprisonment.