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Long-distance buses do not start up on Lenin!

and thousand passengers leaving earlier at Anniversary are urged to go to station

And therefrom - to reach with bags through all city. Who on FPK, who in Lenin area...

still one year ago all buses going from the south of area and Altai, called in to Kemerovo on Tukhachevsky and Lenin, stopping, for convenience of passengers, on Anniversary . After closing of old bridge GU Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans has let out the order 202 (from 19. 11. 05) - to go only through Southern. Logic - Lenin`s prospectus in connection with closing of one bridge is overloaded. But... The bridge have opened, and the old scheme of movement inconvenient for much passengers - have left!

- Lenin`s prospectus became now more free, jams are not present, long-distance buses will not create special hindrances, - have explained in traffic police of Kemerovo.

- It is necessary to wait 4 - 5 days, to look, where what traffic density, - the chief of department of transport of regional administration Galina CHERNOVA speaks. - And then to make the decision - to start up an intercity on Lenin or not.

- Personally I consider that movement on Lenin more dangerously, than through Southern, - the chief of department on the organisation of passenger transportations GU " has commented on a situation; Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans Igor ZOTOV. - Besides one stop in a city for long-distance buses is - the Wholesale market .

Alas, the wholesale market - on vyselkah, therefrom regularly goes only 2 - 3 buses, and those infrequently. Meanwhile from the area south daily arrives about 150 buses (4,5 thousand passengers) and many would prefer to leave on Anniversary .