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Where free medicines

the Bad forecast

Officials of department of Ministry of Health of Russia have disappeared have given to sick people time to think, a leah to receive money for medicines or to continue to use privileges. To make the decision it is necessary till October, 1st. In our region maintenance of exempts the evil spirit - paid medicines same unimportant, as well as on all country where the so-called system additional medicinal both operates is spechenija (DLO). Vital medicines in a drugstore in the afternoon with fire not to find, only for money. Therefore many invalids have refused an illusive privilege still in the end of the last year. If outflow of interested persons from DLO goes in the same scale, experts the system will by all means fail confirm.

planes with pills

Fly - Now many are discouraged in system DLO, - Victor ANOKHIN, the chief executive of regional Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) admits. - But explain to people that it is not necessary to hurry up to leave it. The more kaliningradtsev will be in system DLO, the will be means for purchase of medicines more.

the area will in addition receive 160 million roubles for calculation with the authorised company Has leaked to 257 million which are already allocated for this year.

- till the end of a month conditions are normalised, - Victor Anokhin assures. - planes fly to Kaliningrad with medicines, is fast Has leaked will put them in a chemist`s network.

It is believed hardly

While conditions are far from norm. In preferential drugstores the crowd and a hopelessness reign. There are no elementary, cheap medicines, such, as TromboAs for cores and Kvinaks (eye drops). Not always it is possible to receive insulin.

certainly, it would be desirable to believe that it will be better further. To exempts, officials FOMS and Ministry of Health call, it is necessary to show a joint liability - after all money on DLO goes on acquisition of the extremely expensive medicines sick of a hemophilia, a multiple sclerosis, oncology. Sometimes one preparation costs from 500 thousand roubles. If there will be a mass exod from DLO, means for such patients simply will not suffice.


to Diabetics promise a dolce vita

Sick of a diabetes will outfit in one to the National drugstore . In Kaliningrad one specialised establishment will open. More than 3 thousand 500 federal exempts for which insulin is necessary, will receive it under the new scheme. Kaliningradtsy can to cash Preferential recipes in a drugstore which is located in the street Musorgsky, in a polyclinic building 7. Probably that the centralised scheme of delivery of a preparation will allow to put things in order and with an extract of recipes, to supervise delivery of medicines.