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The Internet - swindlers tried to earn on “ nestle “

Swindlers, having promised a prize - a cellular telephone, ask to pay surtax

Swindle it has appeared extremely well thought over. Swindlers in good time prepared for it! In the summer in streets of Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and other cities of area they have interviewed on a subject “ What do you think of coffee Nescafe? “. Thus respondents warned that among all participants of poll draw of valuable prizes will be spent. And future a victim willingly told the surnames and addresses. Actually the manufacturer of coffee had no relation to this poll. Recently on addresses of these people letters, ostensibly from the company " have started to come; nestle “. In them the addressee congratulated on a cellular telephone prize. And at the same time asked to pay a surtax quarter on a prize (480 - 680 roubles).

Other expenses the company “ incurred “. People willingly bore money in bank, without having paid attention to the fact that means for the anonymous Internet - the bill translate. Some of victims have come round quickly enough.

- to us calls with questions fell down, a leah it is possible to return transfers back? - Tatyana ALEKSEEVA, the lawyer of payment system " has told; ίndex - money “. - Having become interested, we have begun check of those of 30 bills which named called. On IP - to the address - to unique identification number of the computer in a network from which speculators registered “ purses “ it was possible to find out that they from Kemerovo. We have blocked at once these bills, and swindlers had not time to use money so we can return to their owners.

victims already almost 400 persons, and payments continue to arrive. The sum on an abacus has passed for 200 thousand. And it only on those thirty which are already known! How much all “ purses “ criminals have got, is not clear yet. For good reason the Petersburg department " undertook; To “ (he is engaged in crimes in the field of high electronic technologies). One of these days they should pass its Kemerovo colleagues.

dear readers! If you became a victim of this swindle, be converted into the nearest police station!