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Kemerovchanka has lived hundred years because did not swear

For the whole century of Praskovja Sergeevna Nesterov of all few times lay in hospital

One of these days kemerovchanka Praskovja Sergeevna Nesterov has noted 100 - summer anniversary. How she has managed to live so long? Itself jubiljarsha explains a secret of the longevity two reasons.

the first - it is necessary to work much.

- I the peasant, since small years was necessary to plough, carry hay, to harrow, bread the furnace, - has told Praskovja Sergeevna. - And during war performed man`s work: 11 years was konovodchikom. All carried: and water when columns in a city yet were not, and even dead persons on a cemetery. When you work much, then also time to be ill is not present. And if will be to live on conscience precisely will stretch till hundred years, - considers Praskovja Sergeevna.

the Second - not to take offence and live on conscience.

- Was to me unsweetened: in 18 years me have violently married, that offspring continued. And when I was 30 years old, the husband has died, and I remained one with three children. The collective farm has dispossessed me, has selected last potato. Then I on the world have gone. My children in children`s home wanted to take away. But I never at anybody did not take offence, rage did not conceal, a vein on conscience. Here for it God also has given me so much years of life.

now, despite the age, Praskovja Sergeevna practically all on the house does itself (the oldest daughter Anna, at which helps, truth, health is worse, and grandson Jura). Well and efforts it is a lot of: it is necessary to be cleaned, the furnace to heat, a kitchen garden (7 hundred parts!) As it should be contain. And as free minute stands out, Praskovja Sergeevna sews and knits.


Lives for long the one who rejoices much!

- If to the person is about whom to care, eat to whom to pass on the experience ageing process zatormazhivaetsja, - has told psychologist Alexander of the DRY. - Persistent work in itself not pledge of long life, and here if the person receives positive, joyful emotions will necessarily live longer from work. Besides, the longevity gene is descended, usually through generation - from the grandfather to grandsons.