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Leah will come to Kuzbas shprotnaja war?

in some regions sanvrachi withdraw canned food from shops

- Is not present, from a trading network we yet did not withdraw sprats, but if from Moscow the instructions come - we will be engaged in it, - Rospotrebnadzora Elena paramonova has explained the employee of the Kuzbass management. - Here we ALREADY check the Ukrainian wines. Having rung round some networks of grocery shops, has found out - demand for sprats while stable. Buyers willingly take both Baltic, and Petersburg canned food. As there are they almost equally - 12 - 14 roubles on the average for bank. But...

- If in the market there will be only one manufacturer a sprat, it, being a monopolist, will necessarily rise in the price, - the head of commercial department of a chain store system " is assured; the Lapwing Dmitry BALABAEV. - And will raise so how much will want! But sprats, I think, will rise in price anyway. More close by New year demand for them will sharply grow - people will buy products by feasts. And all manufacturers will increase the prices.

having interrogated sellers, has found out that the price of a jar a sprat (even if the Latvian will not withdraw) can rise in December to 16 - 18 roubles. And if Latvians will be out of the law, the jar can to rise and to 20 roubles!

- wine from Georgia, wine from Moldova, Borzhomi now here the Riga sprats... Anybody from buyers to us did not complain of these goods, - the manager of one of supermarkets has explained. - let people, having tried, decide that it to buy.

- quality of a product, unfortunately, not always opredelimo on external appearance and taste, - is explained by experts of Rospotrebnadzora. - this year we checked the Georgian cognac. Taste normal, in practice - moonshine!


As readers concern to canning to scandal?

- I love sprats, I buy them to each feast, and me without a difference - from what they the countries. The main thing that tasty were. Certainly, now I will try to take Russian, it is unpleasant after all to understand that eat poisonous fish.

Tatyana Jurevna Preobrazhensky.

- anyway, I - for! It is necessary to support the manufacturer and if the Riga sprats really harmful, not to forbid import of cancerogenic products simply sin! Besides our Petersburg sprats are not worse at all than the foreign.

Sergey Viktorovich Tepljakov.

- If in sprats really something have found, I greet this interdiction! There is no need to poison the people. But as a method of political pressure I do not countenance! After all then the conflict will strike on our pockets, the prices will jump up.

Yana Viktorovna Azurova.

- I Support a government interdiction completely! The same as countenanced the action which has passed in last year - Has bought Baltic sprats - has helped veterans SS ! Russian in Latvia do not respect, and we will stimulate their economy? Moreover buying from them any poison? Dismiss! I even to the wife will tell, that now at purchase of canned food, looked at the country - the manufacturer.

Vladimir Viktorovich Godlevsky.

- On - to mine, this interdiction have entered that we a sprat did not have competitors. It is a pity, I take frequent the Latvian sprats for sandwiches, and they are pleasant to me. In my opinion, they are not worse at all Russian and even as - that is not believed that they harmful.

Olga Anatolevna Volosach.