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The bronze boatswain has gone down from a beacon

Ethnographic and remeslenno - shopping centre Fish village already became one of favourite places kaliningradtsev. And recently white walls of a beacon had bronze figures. In the beginning on a road tile have established powerful benches from a tree. Then on one of them there was a seaman with obezjankoj on a shoulder and a tube in teeth. The seaman have planted on the bench middle so that at the left and to the right of it there was a place.

- the boatswain as if has gone down from a beacon, has sat down to smoke and walk obezjanku, - Feodor`s Paul, the general director " speaks; the Companies of design financing which is engaged in village construction. - after all on the third floor of a beacon - small muzejchik Kapterka the boatswain .

the Seaman some time was one, but then a sculptural composition have added. Nearby to the old salt there was a bronze girl. The figure as if leaves a door which is located in a brick wall.

the idea to establish monuments has come to Fedorovu for a long time.

are unusual sculptures, - he speaks. - the bronze girl possesses magic properties. If to stroke to it a hand - will necessarily carry in love. I as - that saw even that tourists - Germans kissed it on the mouth!

on a beacon viewing point it is hidden one more sculpture - the Seagull . The bird as if sits on a nest and holds egg in paws.

- if poteret egg the seagull will help to get children, - Feodor`s Paul has mysteriously said.

all three figures cast on spetszakazu in Smolensk, and then carried through St.-Petersburg.