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Our former regional public prosecutor has appeared in the scandal centre

Vladimir Demidov has resigned after attacks of the new governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region

51 - summer Vladimir Demidov has appeared out of work as the Nizhniy Novgorod regional public prosecutor. When - that Demidov worked as the simple inspector in Kirovsk area, was zamom and even later. An island of the public prosecutor of Kuzbas. In Bottom - since 2001. Our Demidov has brought loud criminal case upon flash of a hepatitis And in Bottom - when to a city waterpipe have got... Excrements. And here Demidov`s legal experts very much did not love - say, did not stop militia when it tortured citizens. It is a lot of claims to the public prosecutor was and at businessmen, in t. ch. And at the well-known Andrey Klimentyev - the candidate for mayors with the criminal past.

last large conflict has arisen with the protege of the Kremlin - new governor Valery Shantsevym. Demidov has tried to cut down the authorities in their pressing forward widely to dispose of the ground areas in Bottom. But the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has lost in Arbitration court, and Demidov was publicly scarified by governor Shantsev.

Since yesterday Vladimir Veniaminovich in holiday with the subsequent dismissal.