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From Kemerovo it becomes easier to fly with changes

Since new year of passengers at our airport begin to register on - new

Till the end of this year airline Siberia promises to introduce at the Kemerovo airport the new automated system of check in. Thanks to it, the information on the passenger and its luggage which will enter at check in into the computer in Kemerovo, can read in real time and at other airports. First of all, from - for it it becomes easier to reach by the plane with changes. For such passengers at our airport there will be a possibility to issue so-called through the ticket. That is the one who flies on flights Siberia for example, in Sochi through Moscow, will be registered by all once, by Kemerovo. At once will receive two boarding passes. In its capital examination waits only. To potter with luggage it is not necessary any more, it will go on new flight automatically. And if from - for flight delays in Kemerovo the passenger risks to be late for the following flight, the airline will have time to find for it the ticket for other plane.

also the new system will allow those who has decided not to fly, hand over the ticket and at once to receive for it money. Now, that them have returned, it is necessary to tinker with registration of the necessary papers decently. Besides, by means of clever system in Kemerovo begins possible to use modern technologies: to make out the electronic air ticket (it will be stored in the computer therefore passengers will not be afraid of it to lose), to sell tickets through the Internet, a mobile phone or the special automatic machine.