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Long-distance buses on Lenin will not go

And stops on Anniversary convenient for many passengers - will not be! So officials have solved...

GU Kuzbasspassazhiravtotrans has upheld the old scheme of movement. All buses going from the south of area, will go to station through settlement Southern. Here arguments of motorists:

1 Only 5 % of passengers want to leave on Anniversary . It was found out on... To poll of drivers - people interested. (And here passengers directly why - that have not asked.)

2 If to go on Lenin the trip increases on... 35 minutes. (Have checked up by the editorial car, having driven on station through Southern and through Lenin. A difference - 15 minutes. - Red. ).

3 On Lenin and Tukhachevsky at separate o`clock - numerous stoppers . ( Yes, movement intensive but that cars stood at least 5 - 10 minutes and did not move - such is not present - have explained in traffic police of Kemerovo.)

4 Intensity of movement on Lenin and Tukhachevsky high, therefore failures in the winter are possible. (But intensity of movement on road Leninsk - Kuznetsk - Kemerovo on a broader scale - that to 20 thousand cars a day. Loading on a line in 4 - 5 times above norm! Also what, long-distance flights now on a broader scale to cancel? - Red. ).

5 In Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk long-distance buses in a city do not stop. (Official stops can and is not present, but in Novosibirsk, for example, it is accepted to land passengers at one of metro stations. The Krasnoyarsk bus stops at a car market if to ask the driver and etc. - Red. ).

to Understand officials, of course, it is possible. They choose shorter way - to reduce expenses for gasoline, to save up time and nerves of the driver. But it turns out that nobody has asked passengers! More precisely - has asked - the person not interested. And after all all who has called after the publication of our material in edition (for October, 24th), have voted for Anniversary .