Rus News Journal

Today and tomorrow - wild ice

But on Sunday and Monday - without any precipitations and to +12!

Yesterday was the cold and windy during a week.

- on Friday and Saturday the temperature will raise, the wind will abate, but on roads and sidewalks - a strong glaze ice, - have explained in regional gidromettsentre. - Approximately in the forenoon and to go by the car, and it is necessary to go carefully!

on Sunday to Kuzbas with jugo - the West the warm air weight will be displaced. We will be in an elevated pressure zone, and it means - a wind variable weak, mainly without any precipitations. On Sunday night - 3, - 8, but in the afternoon already 0, +5, and places to +10 degrees. At night on Monday 0, +5, in the afternoon and at all +7, +12.

- Weather for walks by the nature, for carrying out of last autumn picnic will be quite favorable, - weather forecasters consider. - only here fire wood is better for bringing with itself - brushwood in wood for certain will not have time to dry out.

Dry warm weather will stay and on Tuesday, and here on Wednesday to Kuzbas from - for Ural Mountains will appear suddenly the Atlantic cyclone. The wind will amplify, the rain and a sleet will go.