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Militiamen have rescued from fire of 8 persons

They five militiamen patrol - sentry duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kiselevsk evacuated inhabitants even before arrival of firemen

In 4 o`clock in the morning, being on watch, drove by two-storeyed barracks. Have suddenly noticed that from an entrance of one of houses brings down a black smoke, and all ground floor is captured by fire. Having braked, employees PPS have called in fire service, and in the meantime began to save people. Ladder flights already burnt, it was necessary to militiamen zalazit in apartments through windows. Many of tenants slept and at all did not suspect about a fire. When evacuated inhabitants of the ground floor, it was found out that in one of apartments on the second floor too there are people. A young family with the baby. To help them, militiamen have stopped the bus driving by. They used it as a ladder: have risen on a roof of the bus and have helped a family to get out of burning apartment. When there have arrived fire, all tenants of the house have already been evacuated.

- While the fire has not been definitively extinguished, employees PPS actively helped colleagues and protected property of people from marauders. Now the Office of Public Prosecutor understands that became the fire reason. Under the preliminary version is a casual handling of fire or the cigarette not extinguished in time, - Igor SITDIKOV, the reviewer has explained a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area.