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On elections Kaliningrad will unite with Adygea?

this week election campaign at elections in the State Duma will begin. December, second 23 territorial, and 496 local commissions on area will open the doors for votings. Besides deputies of the State Duma, kaliningradtsam, inhabitants of Sovetska and Svetlogorsk should select heads of the cities, and to inhabitants Pioneer - new structure of city council of the deputies, dismissed in the beginning of August.

1. At whom what chances?

In forthcoming elections in the State Duma plan 10 - 12 political parties. As the chairman of regional election committee Sergey LUNEV has noted, the Central Electoral Commission has set a problem for electoral committees - to provide 60 - a percentage appearance of voters. On last sociological polls, on polling districts plan to come more than 70 percent of voters. However, many experts are sceptical about this figure. According to political scientist Vladimir ABRAMOVA, the appearance will not exceed 55 percent. As to results of votings, that, according to Abramova, an United Russia can type more than 40 percent of votes, communists should count percent on 20. On the third place can appear zhirinovtsi - for old time`s sake it can shine about 11 percent. Hardly it is less - 10 percent - will receive young Fair Russia .

2. With whom will unite the Kaliningrad voters?

the Kaliningrad region have allowed to unite in regional groups with everybody, but in practice it has appeared that Adygea and foreign voters is free. It means that to parties have granted the right to make the decision on creating regional group, having united Kaliningrad or with Adygea, or foreign voters. About with whom parties will decide to unite, it becomes already known in twenty days. Can develop so that an United Russia will want to create regional group with zarubezhnikami and communists - with Adighes. And on the contrary - parties can refuse to create regional groups. Finally, decisions on merge will be accepted at federal party level.

3. Who becomes the head of Kaliningrad?

on September, 12th deputies of the City Council will make the decision on elections of the mayor - the chairman of the City Council. Till October, 24th candidates should give necessary documents in election committee. However, yet the fact that on December, 2nd inhabitants of Kaliningrad will select the mayor - the chairman of the City Council. If the court recognises changes in the city Charter inappropriate to the law on local government, kaliningradtsam, as before, it is necessary to choose the mayor - the mayor. While anybody from potential candidates has not voiced the claims for supervising fast. But, according to experts, the operating chairman of the City Council Alexander Jaroshuk, the deputy of the City Council Evgenie Gan, regional member of parliament Vitautas Lopata can take part in elections.


As voted on last elections

In 2003 in our area has confidently defeated an United Russia having received more than 32 percent of votes of voters. On the second place it has appeared LDPR (15,5 percent), unexpectedly outstripped communists (12 percent). the Native land has occupied the fourth line - 10 percent of votes of voters.

an United Russia 32,1



the Native land 10,1

the Apple 5,0


Against 5,6