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Alexey Leonov drew with children

Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov on September, 1st has arrived to Kaliningrad, in native school 21. It has carried out the action Offer a helping hand! which purpose - to collect means for rescue of kids with sick heart. The idea is that: the space artist writes three pictures on which then schoolboys leave a print of the palm or draw something from itself, as the symbolical contribution to common cause. Cloths with Leonov`s autograph then are on sale at auction, and the obtained money goes on treatment of seriously ill patients of children.

the art was created in podsobke a new gym. In a workshop smelt as turpentine, and it was difficult not to get dirty with oil paints. Therefore Alexey Leonov worked in a green female dressing gown which to it have given out at school. And with two stars of the Hero of Soviet Union the artist has hung up a jacket on the door handle. The first cloth - Lead Baltic sea with the blue sky and seagulls The master has finished for 15 minutes, on the second picture the Spaceship flies from morning at night it was required to time a bit more.

- Space I draw on memory, all fine I remember, - the honourable citizen of Kaliningrad has spoken, wiping sweat from the person.

assistants - girls instantly followed each instructions of the legendary person. To a certain extent action reminded operational, and the master - the concentrated surgeon:

- Wipe, please, brushes. Give an azure. Indigo. Children, with handle turpentine wash.

- for the first time in life I draw with children, - he admitted - All life dreamt to work with them. To me has carried, remarkable assistants, almost professionals have got.

last stroke whitewash and - it is ready. Before cloths have presented for a review to public, the former pupil has congratulated present schoolboys.

Children with pleasure put the prints on cloths.
a photo: GUSEJNOV Victor

- Hello, brothers and little sisters! We now with you messmates of the best school of Kaliningrad and, I think, Moscow. Valentine Valentinovna`s your director has called me and has told: Help with weather for September, 1st! has called on an orbiting station. Both here the rain is not present and today will not be.

but I to you have arrived behind the help, - the visitor has passed to serious conversation. - in Russia for three years we managed to rescue more than 1400 seriously ill patients of children. Before you my three works. Be artists, put the palm, leave a trace. It is possible to write the name or a surname. Then these works will be sold, and means we will give for children`s medicine.

children have got down to business with inherent in the childhood irrepressible, and sometimes and destructive energy. One boy has deduced arshinnymi letters the name Anton .

- to This Anton I would tear off fingers, - whether for fun or for edification of another Alexey Arhipovich has told. - Well it is impossible so, to take and spoil!

but as a whole the action has gone right. Children embraced the lovely and kind messmate, nestled on the cosmonaut as to the native grandfather, and asked their parents to photograph for memory. And colours Alexey Leonov has received more than the most favourite teacher.

And At this time

the Chairman of the City Council has resulted the son in the first class

Andrey Jaroshuk promises to study on 5 .
the Photo: GUSEJNOV Victor

on First of September it is equal at ten o`clock to a grammar school 1 the chairman of the City Council of Kaliningrad Alexander Jaroshuk has approached. It has appeared that has arrived not as the politician, and as the father of family.

- for me today the double feast, - has told it. - my daughter Anja will go to the third class, and son Andrey in the first.

Alexander Georgievich for a hand has deduced Andrey on a solemn ruler. The little boy stood near to the new schoolmates from the first and, smiling, held a huge bouquet of red roses.

- I long prepared for school, - he has told and has promised to study only on perfectly .


In Sovetske the box hardly has not fallen to pupils

If all school rulers have passed in Kaliningrad without undue incident in Sovetske on celebrations rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have visited. The operative group has arrived to remove the big metal box which has taken down from a roof, and it has hung on a seeing-off, threatening to break on heads of schoolboys and their parents any minute.

- by this moment the ruler of the second change has come to an end, - Lily BOBARYKA has told the principal. - Children and parents almost all have dispersed. Even before arrival of rescuers we have surrounded a place, have exposed persons on duty.

in sentry there was teacher OBZH and the engineer on a labour safety which has called rescuers.

- on a school roof the two-metre aerial on which the box of management of the Internet fastened is established, - has explained and. An island of the chief poiskovo - saving division Sovetska of Vladimirs TITUS. - It is surprising, as it has not failed on the earth!