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I ask nothing from the authorities

the Big family it is healthy

- Hello, and we wait for you, - such words Olga Mihajlovna Kuzmin, mum of nine children has met me.

I expected to see the tired woman, but Olga looked remarkably - a hairdress, an easy make-up. We have passed in a small room where on a sofa the smallest member of the big family, grand daughter Dashenka lay. With it nearby there was Lyudmila, Olga Mihajlovny and Alexander Nikolaevicha`s foster daughter.

- Hardly, probably, it is necessary you, now one child difficultly to grow up? - I ask Olga.

- I such person that have got used to difficulties. To me it is terrible nothing, of work I am not afraid, the main thing - to grow up children. For this purpose also I live. Always wanted, that the family was big. And Ljuda with us four years. The decision on adoption accepted all family. First there were problems, because in children`s home absolutely other education, other life. I very much worry about it, - the voice at Olga has begun to tremble. - it is good that have made an advowson, children should grow in a family. When it becomes adult will know that there is a person - mum who worries about it and loves it.

free time? Happens

At home at present there were son Vanja, Ljuda. From school, from a solemn ruler, the father has resulted second-grader Leru. At the answer to a question, than other children are engaged, Olga Mihajlovna has quickened:

- Son Vitja works, the second daughter, Tatyana - the musician, plays a wind symphonic orchestra, studies in the Nizhniy Novgorod conservatory, tomorrow with the husband leaves on session. Then the Tick studies in Moscow in academy, plays a bassoon. Lenechka, the son, - has come three days ago from army, and at once has gone to get a job, Zhenechka wants to become the militiaman, the daughter, finishes the first course of medical college, Olenek - 9 class, Vanechka - the fourth, Lerochka - the second.

on my question how to grow up such remarkable children and in what a success secret, Olga has responded:

- I always worked on two - three works. The husband too. But unequivocally distributed time so that children have been looked after and there were no one. Otherwise it not education. And now such pretty often. When the child has everything, it is not capable to estimate it and constantly demands more and more. In our family children know that we will offend nobody in respect of purchases, but it is necessary to remember that there are other brothers and sisters. Here they fine understand it. Offences, I can precisely tell, no.

the Award for worthy education

the family does not complain Of attention of the authorities. It is said that do not forget. More recently in Day of a family Olga Kuzmin has received the award the Recognition from the social policy and work ministry for worthy education, physical, intellectual, spiritual both moral development of children and patriotism and civilisation formation .

the sore point of a family is for today housing and while it is not solved. Kuzmin have offered a mortgage on which it is necessary to pay on 6 thousand every month. But the family has not dared. Who knows that will be tomorrow.

- At all of us is that it is necessary for life, - Olga speaks. - for this purpose we try, we work with the husband. And to ask I do not love.