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Almost three hundreds orphans have found a family

the Target program Children - orphans it is confirmed by the regional government in February and it is calculated on the period 2007 - 2011. Problems which should be solved within the limits of the program, it is a lot of. It and reforming of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, preparation of qualified personnel, development of family forms of the device of children - orphans, improvement of conditions of residing of pupils of establishments, maintenance with their habitation and many other things.

thanks to the active measures accepted by the government of the Kaliningrad region, decrease in number of children - orphans and children without parental support is observed. If in the beginning of 2006 of such children in area was 7 thousand 527 persons, or 3,4 % from total number small kaliningradtsev (across the Russian Federation this indicator - 2,1 %) by the end of 2006 the quantity of children - orphans and children without parental support, has made 7 thousand 252 children. 275 children have adopted or have issued an advowson.

children will have a Center

Within the limits of a direction the Prevention of a social orphanhood and the device of children in replacing families the area governmental order about creation of the regional Center on preventive maintenance of a social orphanhood and development of family forms of the device of children - orphans and children who have remained without care is prepared, the centre list of staff is developed.

11 municipal unions have received the computer equipment of operators of a regional databank about children - orphans. It has been for this purpose allocated 343,7 thousand roubles. In 2008 for equipment of other municipal unions it is planned to allocate 401 thousand roubles.

it is unconditional, an important point is a professional training for work with orphans. Experts in this area are trained, adopt experience of other cities and country regions. For example, our experts constantly communicate with colleagues from Moscow and Petersburg. Teachers of area take part in practical seminars Preparation of experts in social work with specialisation work with children and youth .

adaptation Services

Not the secret that after release from boarding schools to children happens difficult to adapt for new independent and unusual life for them. To reduce to a minimum all arising complexities - the primary goal of experts - assistants for adaptation in a society of children - orphans. Services postinternatnoj adaptations are created in Ozersk city district, service branch openly on the basis of Zelenograd children`s home.

in 2007 in the Guryev city district for building of the centre of adaptation of graduates internatnyh establishments it is allocated 2256,25 thousand roubles from the regional budget and 2256,25 thousand roubles - from the municipal budget.

Apartments will be!

the acute problem in observance of the rights of children - orphans and children without parental support, there is a maintenance with their habitation. Annually from vocational training establishments is issued more than 400 children having the status of the orphan or without parental support. Within the limits of the regional investment program from the regional budget it is planned to allocate 7678,76 thousand roubles for individual share in building and acquisition of habitation for children. Municipalities will allocate 3591,84 thousand roubles for building. For seven months 2007 under the program 2 apartments are got by administrations of Gusevsky city district and Zelenograd area. For it it is spent 705,9 thousand roubles from the regional budget.

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