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Vyacheslav Artem climbed on attics

On Tuesday the chairman of committee of housing and communal services of the mayoralty Vyacheslav Artem and the head of the City Council Alexander Jaroshuk have met tenants 75 - go at home in the street Komsomol. On a roof status this one of the most problem buildings of Kaliningrad. The reason one - wrong building of an additional floor. The superstructure was erected to money of shareholders of firm ZBSK . Each of them has enclosed on some tens thousand dollars. Money has gone on a wind - the firm has gone bankrupt. Shareholders remained without apartments. Their destiny will dare in court. In the meantime, it is necessary to complete a superstructure of the building organisation the Macrosystem

- Much from this that we do, correction of errors of the former contractor, - the head " has explained; the Macrosystem Alexey Malyshev.

makrostroevtsy have invited the chairman of committee of housing and communal services upward. There simply depressing picture: floors are not present, instead of them - Skeletons logs from boards, everywhere heaps of bricks, instead of walls - zhidenkie partitions full of holes. That, probably when - nibud it there will be premises, only new windows remind.

when officials have gone down on a floor more low, before them the door of apartment of pensioner Valentines Valovoj has opened.

- look, from ceilings in both rooms and kitchen water drips, - Valentina Mitrofanovna has told. - I am an invalid, together with me, in this apartment there live grandsons and great-grandsons. For what they should breathe dampness?

in the house Total, from dampness there was nothing to breathe. Longer officials in apartment have not sustained ten minutes and have left the woman to wait improvements one.

- I have achieved that by October, first the contractor undertakes to complete a superstructure, - Vyacheslav Artem summarised. - from this point on ceilings in apartments of people should not to proceed.