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The Kaliningrad sportswoman has refused the car

In competitions on daily run which have passed in Northern capital, participated more than 50 persons. Were here both professionals, and fans. And we has defeated zemljachka Irina Reutovich. In an award it managed the car the Zhiguli . But well-known begunja has left the newcomer the five in Peter.

- I have defeated, and this main thing, - have told the merited master of sports Irina Reutovich. - And what for to me the car? At me and to this car was not. Especially, as I to Kaliningrad the Zhiguli I will bring?!

in more details Irina Reutovich has told about competitions:

is there was a tournament within the limits of the open championship of St.-Petersburg on daily run. We started in 6 evenings and finished exactly in a day. It was heavy. In some hours after start the rain, barrels a strong wind has gone.

not all have sustained whims of weather and the big distance.

- Some withdrew, to someone it was bad, - Irina Vladimirovna has continued. - to Much even assisted, measured pressure, did the electrocardiogram.

Irina admitted that already after 12 nights has escaped forward and did not doubt at all that will defeat.

- me my son supported all time, - Irina speaks. - it was very happy that I have defeated, and the first has congratulated me.

for days Irina has run more than 222 kilometres.


Irina Reutovich - the world record-holder, the master of sports of the international class on track and field athletics. The champion of Russia in run on 100 kilometres. The champion of Europe in daily run. Was born on January, 21st, 1950 in Komi ASSR. In 2006 to Irina have appropriated a rank of the Honourable citizen of Kaliningrad.