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In Hrabrovo the plane has faced a bird

As informs the Russian aviation Internet - portal AVIA. RU, in Ministry of Transport have counted the whole six collisions of aircrafts with birds. One of them has occurred and in the sky over Kaliningrad. On August, 10th at the airport Hrabrovo the plane They be 134 airlines Aeroflot - RAL has unexpectedly faced birds at landing approach. Fortunately, it was not reflected in a landing of the liner also anybody from passengers has not suffered. But, as has shown plane survey on the earth, in fire-prevention system there was a leak ognegasjashchej liquids. and blow of a bird has called operation of three turns of system pozharotushenija in gondolas of engines - writes AVIA. RU. It is interesting that for Kaliningrad this case became any more to the first. On August, 22nd, 2002 feathery too attacked the plane in Hrabrovo when in a wing flying up They be 134 the sea eagle ran. Damages at carcasses Then have not found out, and here the rare birdie was lost from the received traumas.

to stop growing number of similar incidents, Ministry of Transport of Russia has urgently demanded strict performance of rules of use of air space of the country. Among other, these rules forbid to place within 15 - 30 kilometres from airdromes of places of emissions of an eating waste, building of cattle-breeding farms and other objects which can involve a mass congestion of birds. In our area in virtual black the list can get unless the Guryev integrated poultry farm. On a straight line the enterprise is in 12 kilometres to the south from Hrabrovo .