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the Prison has not had time to break me

the Deputy of the Kaliningrad regional thought, the founder of the newspaper New wheels Igor Rudnikova have arrested on April, 10th on charge in slander in mass-media and violence concerning police officers. In its two weeks etapirovali to Pskov where the court has taken place. In total the Kaliningrad deputy has spent behind bars 82 days. In this time it has replaced five pre-trial detention centres - from Kaliningrad to Sailor`s silence and Crosses .

the Smiling flight attendant and handcuffs

- Igor Petrovich, shortly before arrest in your newspaper has appeared a series of publications about prison life. Coincidence?

- All went to it, I assumed that with it can end, and morally prepared. As the journalist I talked to people who sat much. But when you appear there, it is shock. At once you understand that any book, any film cannot pass those sensations, those emotions which are tested by the person who has appeared behind a lattice.

- also what was remembered first of all?

- Unbounded searches. Watch everywhere, feel, examine. And it is constant. The second is a smell. A smell of sweat, a dirt, urine, dogs which wander on corridors. The prison smell impregnates the person within several hours and does not leave very long. This smell cannot be washed under a shower, it impregnates a skin, hair, clothes. And the pre-trial detention centre generates hard feelings. This heaviest place if to speak about all system. In camp, a colony you move on any space, communicate with a considerable quantity of people. And the pre-trial detention centre is a chamber and cellmates. And it is more than anything. And this space can be as much as small. But even more terrible - uncertainty when you do not represent, how much you will be there. It can be week, month, year.

- and moving between insulators?

- on April, 26th us have brought to the airport Hrabrovo . Anybody spoke nothing, have simply planted in avtozak, and we have gone in a thick darkness. That have arrived to the airport, has learnt only on sounds of working engines. Have taken out on a strip. And all time in handcuffs. It on a broader scale the first means for tortures if you start to move, they are compressed even more strongly, and hands swell. Have risen in the plane, and we are met by the smiling flight attendant. It was amusing. Soon began to start the passengers, many learnt us, greeted, supported. In Moscow to the plane have submitted the car, it already from area pleasant, always thought that so serve only VIPov. Us have brought in Sailor`s silence .

On one floor with Khodorkovsky

- Many known people in to Sailor`s silence vessels

in due time waited - Us have placed in the sixth spetskorpuse, there still Khodorkovsky and Lebedev (Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, the former owners of the company YUKOS . - Red.) Contained. In the chamber I was met by two persons - one, apparently, was the killer, him have detained with a pistol with the muffler. The second - the thief. I, by the way, have noticed that in a pre-trial detention centre, not only Moscow, it is a lot of youth. Sit basically for thefts, robberies. What for there hold small pilferers, for theft of mobile phones, not clearly. From many it is enough to take a subscription about nevyezde. And to fine on - large. I assure, any person will find money not to appear behind a lattice.

- were " later; Crosses - one more well-known insulator

- Aha. There it is possible to shoot historical films, to such degree an ancient building. By the way, in Peter from Pskov for us there has arrived the armour car Ford . All have considered that we the present state criminals, time was required such protection. The people really were surprised.

- in a pre-trial detention centre there is a different contingent, from thieves to tyrants. How cellmates concerned you?

- Us did not conceive as representatives of the criminal world. There was no also a sneering attitude, there, as I have understood, with rare exception, it is not accepted to denounce. And charge in slander - netjazheloe. And here violence concerning 22 police officers Besides, there would be we criminals, it would give us the certain status. And so us conceived as simple journalists.

- and the relation of escorts and employees of administration?

- is faster, surprise, bewilderment. Therefore, when we were represented, named Criminal code articles, all asked: What is this articles such, 129, 130? . We explained that this charge in slander. and, political! here with such a label we also travelled on the Russian pre-trial detention centres.

It nobody can take out

- That the person in the chamber - loneliness, fear feels?

- From loneliness did not suffer affliction. There were books, newspapers. By the way, . And from the physical point of view there even it is easier, than in army. With moral - it is heavy. Because in prison you anybody. In the chamber you have only name, a surname, year of birth and article UK. All. You can prepare long morally somehow for the conclusion but when itself it appear there, understand that former life remained behind a wall, behind a door. And you not that person whom was before. At you the family, work disappears, and life proceeds on that space with which have allocated, live by rules which have appointed. This atmosphere continuously presses. The prison, for example, never lives in silence. At us under windows guard dogs round the clock barked, it is impossible to sleep.

- Many lose courage

- Very much tried to save itself, to keep. To put itself in frameworks, to define the line of conduct that you conceived as the person. By gymnastics it was engaged, wrung out on two hundred times for a day. Our prison is a place where the person needs to be crushed, transformed into an animal, to break its will. These are all fairy tales that someone can sustain it. A question of conditions and time. Before you one problem is necessary: as it is possible to escape longer. Not to be ill with a hepatitis, a tuberculosis, not to be ill at all. Otherwise you will not survive.

it is still terrible, if people who have bailed do not care of you. Has personally felt importance of letters, it is enormous encouragement. I am very glad that I was written by the friends familiar, is simple strangers. Well and, of course, grocery peredachki, is prison food in Pskov it is simply impossible. In Kaliningrad feed better.

- Imprisonment has forced you to look at what you did, on - to another?

- I began to look At any things really on - to another. Has more sharply felt, freedom is how much important for the person. There you start to realise the true price of that at liberty even more often do not notice. I was still convinced that the person very much we will wound, happen it can with everyone. To prison to get easily, to leave very difficult. Where - that it and the big disappointments, loss of belief in justice when you conceive an event as the certificate of the higher injustice. Till now I do not consider myself guilty, I believe that it was punishment.

but the prison has not broken me. Was not in time.

- a leah Will change an editorial policy of the newspaper?

- it is judged let by our readers.


Igor Rudnikov was born on July, 4th, 1965. In 1986 with a gold medal has ended faculty of military journalism Lvov military - political school on a speciality the journalist . With 1984 - go for 1995 worked in various naval newspapers. The captain 3 ranks of a stock. In 1995 has registered the newspaper New wheels which editor was till 2000. In 1996 it is selected by the deputy of city council of Kaliningrad, worked in the commission on economic policy and the municipal property. In 1998 stood on fast of the mayor of Kaliningrad. In 2000 the member of standing committee on security and the law and order is selected by the deputy of the Kaliningrad regional thought.

on August, 20th the Pskov district court has sentenced Rudnikova to 2,5 years conditionally, and the journalist of the newspaper New wheels Oleg Berezovsky - by 2 years it is conditional. The court recognised Rudnikova guilty of slander in mass-media on the Kaliningrad judges, and also on eks - the commander of Vladimir Valueva`s Baltic fleet. Also the court recognised Rudnikova and Berezovsky guilty of an attack on police officers.