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Why the summer in Kaliningrad

Tropics was not possible have not helped

Today it is possible to tell directly - the last summer in Kaliningrad was not possible. And on a beach it turned out to go infrequently, and the sea was cold, and rains went continuously. On supervision of the weather forecasters, all raspberry this year to us was spoilt by absence of tropical air which usually and brings with itself heat. Days when air temperature rose above 30, it is possible to count on fingers - two in the middle of July and two in the middle of August. Though the absolute maximum has turned out solid enough - plus of 34,6 degrees. The thermometer column has reached this mark on July, 17th.

if to compare to last year`s summer present too looks a bit more cool. The average temperature in 2006 has made 18,4 degrees, and this year - 17,6. And here in August 2007 - go even was warmer, than one year ago: on the average 18,3 degrees against 17,8. All figures are close to sredneklimaticheskim to norms.

twice it is more than Rains

For lack of tropical heat the rules in the Kaliningrad region dictated cyclones. All the summer long they one after another went from Atlantic through Baltic, bringing with itself cloudy and cool weather. In separate days it turned around strengthening of a wind which, fortunately, did not turn to a whole gale.

the rains watering area of all three months, became one more reason of the broken rest. On our heads in the sum 450 millimetres of deposits have dropped out that hardly probable has not twice exceeded summer norm. The maximum has had for August when from clouds has dropped 170 millimetres at norm 96. Thus more often the present downpours fell upon us, and in separate days for a short time interval dropped out on 30 - 46 millimetres of deposits. Weather forecasters had even an aphorism: If Moscow heart of our native land, Kaliningrad - its bladder .

For comparison: In the summer of last year 125 millimetres of deposits, and in July - only 30 have dropped out at sredneklimaticheskoj to norm of this month of 90 millimetres.

that will be further

the Scientists studying supervision over weather of last centuries, have noted an interesting tendency: the amount of precipitation periodically increased throughout only 20 - go centuries. It became especially appreciable it to be shown after 1970. For example, in 1981 on the Kurshsky plait from - for it intensive bogging of the lowered sites, and till now a problem up to the end has begun is not solved.

however, weather forecasters do not hurry to frighten of gloomy forecasts. Meanwhile fluctuations of temperature and uvlazhnennosti cannot be explained territories influence of any one factor. And it means that the next summer will be not obligatory same rainy.

the Climate breaks records

Curious things the World meteorological organisation publishes in the report. On supervision of scientists, this year was noted unknown in the history by the extreme weather conditions, which steels a climate change direct consequence. So, in January and April the average temperature on our planet was the highest since 1880. Winter month has appeared more warmly climatic norm on 1,89 degrees on Celsius, and spring - on 1,37.

Unlike Kaliningrad, in June - July all Jugo - the Eastern Europe has been captured by an unprecedented heat. In places air temperature in region exceeded 40 degrees. In May record-breaking high temperature was established in east and central areas of Russia. On May, 28th, 2007 in Moscow air temperature has reached 32,9 degrees that it was not observed since 1891.

and the South America, to the contrary, has endured rather cold weather. In July in Argentina and Chiles have struck the real frosts reaching a minus of 22 and 18 degrees accordingly. One month earlier the large snowfall first since 1981 has passed in Southern Africa where in separate areas of the country has dropped out to 25 sm of deposits.

the tropical cyclone first in the history is registered in Arabian sea. Record downpours have overflowed England and the Wales where from May till July 406 mm of deposits - the highest indicator since 1766 have dropped out.


the wild strawberry blossoms On the Kurshsky plait

Walking on the Kurshsky plait at settlement Sea in the end of August, I have found a clearing with blossoming wild strawberry. Which - where were green zavjazi. That is in August there has come June. Repeated flowering jagodnikov is fixed and in line of Kaliningrad. So, in a garden society Dream in the middle of August blossomed and the strawberry bore fruit. And so incorrectly was conducted by the usual grade which is yielding a harvest in the beginning of summer, once a year.