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Africa reserved? Is not present? All the same pay!

an unprecedented bill

Similar telephone bills Maria Vasilevna Kovrova (all names are changed. - Red.) Did not receive for all life. Certainly, the invalid 3 - j groups was confused first of all with figure - 7180 roubles of 30 copecks as the firm - the operator has scrupulously counted up. And only then puzzled huge for it the sum the woman has paid attention to the address of the prospective interlocutor - Guinea-Bissau! The family tree the inhabitant of our city, in yellow hot Africa relatives how much remembered, acquaintances at it otrodjas was not found.

when Maria Vasilevna has slightly departed from shock, she has thought that so expensive service in domestic conditions could be rendered it unless means a World Wide Web . The blessing, the computer in the house is available, though exclusively son Alexander uses the laptop. Only here the ill luck - the Internet it uses by means of payment cards Dialogue And this company has fixed Alexander`s last connection for three days till that day when the private communication session with black continent has ostensibly taken place. After that a PC has broken and almost week was under repair. And on a broader scale that ill-starred day the son since early morning till the late evening stayed on a summer residence with the friend.

- Understand, after all, most likely, it is program failure! - the unfortunate family has begun to yell.

the answer of the operator has struck on the spot: failure it or really the subscriber has talked to Guinea-Bissau, it is impossible to learn, but it is necessary to pay.

Unequal dispute

All - taki spirits of the times affect. Mother and the son have not rushed on relatives and friends to borrow money, and have dared to be got involved in judicial suit. The television cameraman has in turn put forward the counterclaim about debts collecting. It is necessary to notice that all advantages in this obviously unequal fight were on the company party. Because the court why - that was guided by the conclusions of exclusively its experts.

- connection with Africa our equipment has fixed? Has fixed! - triumphed firmachi. - Parameters of a user`s line ekspluatatsionno - to technical norms correspond? Correspond! Unapproved connection it is not revealed, failures were not, complaints from the client - too. And that the computer under repair was, so not the fact that have not used at this time another

More shortly, the Leningrad district court has awarded - to pay. The judicial board on regional court civil cases is the decision has left without change.

- certainly, it would be possible to involve the independent expert, - without special enthusiasm the lawyer who has studied circumstances of this surprising business recognised. - but, in - the first, and he hardly could confirm with absolute reliability that program failure took place. And in - the second, services highly enough -

class computer spetsa would cost istitse hardly probable no more the ill-fated telephone bill.


Alexey NOVITSKY, the editor the Internet - sites, Kaliningrad:

- There are computer viruses - dialery, starting the dialling program through the foreign telephone companies. These viruses can be loaded, for example, from pornosites, carrying out connection with the most exotic corners of a planet at the subsequent start of the computer.

the second variant - unapproved connection of malefactors. But in that case the company - the operator should define it. Though hackers know set of artful ways to bypass protection systems.

anyway independent technical expert appraisal would not prevent. But it really costs very expensively.


- Hallo, the girl, I can reserve conversation with Donetsk?

- yes, the line will be released, and I will connect you.

- the girl, yes I from you hear two hours it! I can reserve, at last, conversation or not?!

- Yes, can! To whom you to connect?

- with Washington!

- I connect.

- hallo, Washington?

- Jes, the sir!

- I can reserve conversation with Donetsk?

- Jes, the sir!