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Who has killed a professorial family?

the justifying a jury of student KGTU of Vasily Meleshchenko accused of murder of professor Vladimir Ovcharenko and his wife Olga Aljuninoj, has raised the doubts at our readers and indignation at public prosecutor`s workers. According to inspectors, in business there was a body of evidence specifying in fault of the student in fulfilment of cruel double murder. However all 12 jurymen have unanimously justified the defendant at all points charges.

our correspondent has tried to understand, why jurymen in the Kaliningrad region justify often appeared on a dock.

money not an occasion?

More than a year tracing a legal investigation course about murder of a professorial family, I have not bad got acquainted both with the protection party, and with the party of charge of Vasily Meleshchenko. Naturally, lawyer Evgenie Gerasims convinced me of innocence of the student, and inspector Anatoly Frijovich proved the return.

12 jurymen eleven of which have happy-go-lucky appeared women (candidates in jury are selected by the special computer program, shovelling lists of voters of the Kaliningrad region), have solved on - to the.

in the meantime the Office of Public Prosecutor which categorically does not agree with a sentence, prepares cassation representation in the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation.

- why jurymen have justified the student? - I ask a question to the senior public prosecutor of department on maintenance of participation of public prosecutors in consideration of criminal cases by courts to Lyudmila Hohrinoj who supported charge on Vasily Meleshchenko`s business.

- it is possible, the defendant has made pleasant impression upon jurymen, - the public prosecutor responds. - after all outwardly it does not look the person, capable to commit a crime. It from a safe family in which there is a certain prosperity. Probably, jurymen have decided that 123 thousand 754 roubles of 11 copecks (in such sum have estimated the office equipment stolen from apartment. - Red.) Cannot become the reason for murder.

it is necessary to recognise that jurymen at all do not know laws and in most cases are people legally not grounded. In spite of the fact that the chairman according to law requirements makes them necessary explanations. But they receive information too much, and information new, the difficult suffices. As a result it is difficult to juryman to conceive all it.

- at what stage now this business?

- we prepare cassation representation in the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation on the verdict of “not guilty“. This process not fast, therefore to predict, when the Sovereign court will start to consider case on cassation representation, I will not become.

… in the end of our conversation Lyudmila Hohrina has informed that in its practice it is the first verdict of “not guilty“.

- personally my opinion: the institute of jurymen is not necessary to a society. It not that case when nonprofessionals should estimate work of professionals, - was concluded by the public prosecutor.

two versions

Public prosecutor`s workers, experts, the field investigators working on business, are perplexed, why jurymen could not compare elementary the report of interrogation of Vasily Meleshchenko sounded in court as the suspect and its indication already in the end of litigation.

- after all Meleshchenko has given two absolutely different versions, - the senior inspector on especially important issues of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kaliningrad region Anatoly FrijoviCh speaks. - On the first interrogation he has told that has come to professor under arrangement to repair the computer. When has risen on a floor has seen a door in apartment slightly opened. Having decided that for it wait, it has come and has seen a corpse Aljuninoj, and nearby - a hammer. From its words, it took a hammer and has started to go on rooms in search of alleged murderers. Resembled, but has found nobody. Has then decided to wash hands in a bathroom, has come there and has seen in a bath a corpse of the professor, tried to pull out it for the hands connected by an adhesive tape. But could not. After that has left apartment, without taking any things. And in order that it have not suspected, has decided to tell anything to nobody.

according to the inspector, this version already calls a number of the doubts, however voiced then in court Vasily Meleshchenko the new version looks absolutely fantastically.

Meleshchenko have released from - under guards in a court hall.

And the defendant has informed jurymen here that. Having seen an open door in apartment Ovcharenko, it has come and at once has received a facer. It have dragged in a room and have put on a floor. Two men (from its words, “ Russian “ and “ non-russian “) have connected to it a hand adhesive tape - feet. And at first have connected feet, therefore, as has explained Meleshchenko, on the hank of the adhesive tape which has been found out in apartment of the professor, the print of its palm subsequently has been found out. (It was one of proofs on business. - Red.)

According to Vasily while it lay connected, heard conversation of criminals among themselves: “ Strong there was a grandfather, has not told, where “. Further he hears an on-door speakerphone sound, someone comes, then blow and a sound of a falling body then one of criminals speaks to another follows: “ we Finish it? “ then Meleshchenko ask, a leah wants to live it. That nods. Then to it speak: do that we will tell, and will live. To it untie hands, allow to descend on kitchen to wash. He sees a corpse Aljuninoj. Then it deduce from apartment, put in the car, take almost to the house and hand over a bag with office equipment of the professor.

- that confuses you in the new version?

- under this version, into bathing Meleshchenko did not come also professors did not see. And on a question of a state accuser on how the fingerprint of the defendant has appeared on an adhesive tape by which hands of the professor have been connected, Meleshchenko of the intelligible answer has not given. And, at last, why now he is not afraid of those two villains who, on idea, should be afraid now of prosecution from bodies as have appeared “ lighted “. On all logic, them, brutally killed two people and knowing a place - the residence of the witness, costs nothing to finish with the last. The conclusion arises one - all is fiction.

- you expected such verdict?

- when to me have informed that Meleshchenko has told such absurd version in court, I have been assured that jurymen recognise the defendant guilty. But jurymen have solved differently.


words about a porno

Agree, the motive of double murder and remained not clear, even thus that the Office of Public Prosecutor accurately costs on a mercenary cause of offence - the ill-starred computer and the scanner.

the version which sounded without delay by field investigators of militia and has got in a press, about “ pornostudios “ In apartment of the professor has not received acknowledgement (wrote about it in number from November, 25th 2005). In the materials of business directed to court, is not present words about to what conclusions have come inspectors, having studied the numerous pornographic records which have been found out in apartment of the killed. Though from informal sources it is known that working out of this subject nevertheless was conducted. It is possible to assume only that refusal of the murder version on sexual soil has occurred from - for absence of proofs.


From 21 criminal cases, considered by the Kaliningrad regional court with participation of jurymen for last four years, on 6 affairs in the relation of 8 persons are taken out justificatory sentences. From them three sentences are cancelled


Justificatory verdicts on sensational cases

the Jury of assessors of the Kaliningrad region has taken out a justificatory verdict to the former cadet BGA of fishery fleet 18 - to summer Alexander Valjuzhenichu who was accused of a premeditated murder of the fellow student of cadet BGA of Alexander Vislavnyh. In September, 2003 the body of Vislavnyh was revealed in a luggage carrier of the burnt down car of BMW. In three days on suspicion in fulfilment of murder from mercenary promptings Valjuzhenich has been detained. According to Office of Public Prosecutor, Valjuzhenich was not one, but, according to the circumstances established by a consequence, the second person did not accept participation in commission of crime and finally became the witness of charge. As a result, in spite of the fact that were the eyewitness and the proofs (burns) confirming what exactly Valjuzhenich has made murder, jurymen have justified it.

the Office of Public Prosecutor has appealed against sentence, but the Sovereign court has upheld a sentence. Now Valjuzhenich lives abroad.

in the same September, 2003 in Svetlogorsk businessman Victor Vakuljuk and seriously injured its companion has been killed. On suspicion in grave crime have been arrested Maxim Mjasnikov, Igor Ostapchenko and Denis Vasilev from “ the Union of veterans of the Chechen war “ (SVECHV). Despite proofs (blood) and the eyewitness, jurymen have unanimously taken out a justificatory verdict. Subsequently the sentence has cancelled the Sovereign court as it was found out that two jurymen had relatives, before involved in a criminal liability. However figurants by then, on hearings, have gone abroad. Now they are put on the wanted list.