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What will change in the city Charter?

on June, 15th in Kaliningrad will pass public hearings. The subject in the agenda one - to listen to opinions and wishes of townsmen about change of the Charter of Kaliningrad. Behind quite harmless name disappears not only change of some articles of the main city document. As a matter of fact, the structure of management of a city changes.

1. What for to carry out hearings

the Law on local government obliges to listen to opinion of townspeople at changes in the Charter. The same norm is registered and in the Charter of Kaliningrad which are going to change. Well and, of course, initiators of changes assure that will necessarily listen to opinion kaliningradtsev. Though results of public hearings have recommendatory character.

2. That we will discuss

On court kaliningradtsev will take out the project of the new charter of Kaliningrad. The main thing in the new document - change of an order of the statement of the mayor which will fulfil duties of the chairman of city council of deputies.

3. As the control diagramme

People changes, as before, will choose the mayor. But not as earlier, with a prefix - the mayor, and the mayor - the chairman of city council of deputies. Number of the City Council remains former - twenty seven deputies plus the mayor with a casting vote (not to confuse to the right to impose the veto on decisions of deputies). It means that the mayor will have the right to take part in work of the City Council and to have a voice on votings.

besides, in a new wording the charter there will be a concept the head of administration - the hired manager who will be engaged in a city operational administration. It will be employed under the contract by the mayor for the term of the powers. In particular, for 5 years.

the Mayor - the higher official will be engaged in working out of strategy of development and control over execution of the decisions. As deputies of the City Council assure, it will increase a role of a representative body of the power (City Council), and executive power becomes accountable to deputies who were chosen by the population.

the head of administration (the mayor, it city - the manager employed under the contract) will be engaged in a municipal economy operational administration.

4. Where to familiarise with the new project

the charter Project it is possible to read on an official site of the City Council of Kaliningrad (www. gorsovet. kaliningrad. ru), and also in the device of the City Council operating affairs (Victory square, 1, 5 - j a floor, kab. 527). Besides, within the next few days it will publish in the newspaper the Citizen . And since Monday, on June, 4th, kaliningradtsy, familiarised with the project of the new charter, can bring the written remarks and offers in the City Council (Victory square, 1, kab. 527).


Public hearings will pass on June, 15th in 16. 00 in the House of arts (Leninsky prospect, 155). Come and ask a question all can wishing


As you consider, a leah it is necessary to change the control diagramme a city?