Rus News Journal

10 trams were shot directly in depot

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday by unknown persons have shot glasses in ten trams standing in depot in the street Kiev.

- most likely, malefactors watched our watchmen, - the chief of tram depot Alexander Stepanenko assumes. - Because protection has passed also has noticed nothing, and when did repeated detour - vandals already had time to make the business. As sounds of shots it was not audible, shot for certain from the pneumatic weapon.

losses tramvajshchiki have incurred for themselves rather notable. Only new glasses will manage, as is counted already up, in 91 thousand 550 roubles. And to wait for them it is necessary about two months as in Kaliningrad the stocks are not present, it is necessary to carry either from Rostov, or from Czechia. And it is already appreciable inconveniences for townspeople who all this time should be reconciled with a crush in this kind of the public transport which has lost of so much units technicians. In considerable kopeck work of repairmen will fly actually. And, at last, money from the organisations which have placed the advertising on boards of ill-starred cars will not arrive. And it as - in any way about 80 thousand roubles monthly.

in the day first after impudent pogrom searches of hooligans by militia of result have not brought.


In the centre - the huge stopper

in the centre of Kaliningrad was formed Yesterday a huge stopper. Transport pressure on Mira prospectus has reached an extreme limit by 16 o`clock. Rush hour, but till time " ahead loomed; CH it was already impossible to drive. Tens trolley buses and trams have stiffened. They, naturally, constrained an automobile stream.

- electric tran - sports have stopped on Mira prospectus from - for breakage of a contact wire, - have informed experts of an electroeconomy of the municipal enterprise Tramvajno - trolleybus management . - Therefore disconnected from a food trams and trolley buses. To eliminate failure to us it was possible for 15 minutes.