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The rich have counted

From year to year quantity of rich men in area continuously grows. Judge - 1229 persons in tax declarations have declared incomes over 1 million roubles. It on 501 persons more than last year. From them 1061 kaliningradets has declared incomes from 1 to 10 million roubles. Last year such tax bearers was only 597 persons. 144 persons have reported for incomes from 10 to 100 million that on 30 persons more than a similar indicator last deklaratsionnoj campaigns. On four persons the number of tax bearers which were not afraid has increased to tell about the 500 million roubles earned by the sweat of the brow - last year such there were 14 persons, in it is already 18. The income to 1 billion roubles was declared by 4 persons, over billion - two persons.

- we cannot tell, who these people, - have declared in regional fiscal administration. - tax secret, a leah know.

have not told in tax inspection and about in what sphere the Kaliningrad millionaires and billionaires work. We can assume only. Or to use the magazine data finans which annually prints surnames of five-hundred richest people of Russia. On 174 - the m a place was in a magazine rating Nikolay Vlasenko, one of co-owners of the company Victoria - its status have estimated in 8,5 billion roubles. On two positions more low, on 176 - j to a line one more co-owner " has settled down; Victorias Alexander Zaribko: the same of 8,5 billion roubles. The third co-owner of the trading giant Vladimir Katsman - on 219 place also had in a pocket of 6,9 billion roubles. On 268 - j to a line - Oleg Bolychev, the chairman of board of directors of the company Vester . Its status have estimated in 5,3 billion roubles.