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As Renault has broken the Swedish border

road accident in the street Kutuzov, ended with involuntary intrusion on territory of sovereign kingdom in the name of consulate of Sweden, has involved great attention of our readers (read about it in number from August, 31st). The letter has come To edition from Yury P.Kak it is possible to understand, were in one of the faced cars.

actually there was a following, - Yury writes. - the driver Opelja moved on the main road which in this case was Kutuzov`s street. And Renault followed on a minor line - Chestnut avenue. But its driver has not made way on a crossroads as it is offered Traffic regulations and a sign there established. As a result the originator of road accident after blow has taken off for limits proezzhej parts and has taken down a consular fence. In Opele one of passengers has received a head injury, and other passenger and the driver - physical injuries .

From edition we express hope that irrespective of the personal points of view of participants of failure, as a result justice will triumph, and guilty will incur the merited punishment.