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to Doctors summary punishments " are declared;

the Material the Wounded girl have not started up in hospital published in number from August, 21st, has called the hot response our readers. We have received the official answer of a management of hospital of the first help.

in reply to your publication the administration of hospital of the first help the same day had been created the commission for carrying out of office investigation in structure: the chairman of the commission of the assistant to the head physician on S. V.Orlova`s surgeries, committee-men - managing branch of purulent surgery of Ju.E.Kovaleva managing traumatologic branch of V.V.Ershov, managing branch of urology of V.M.Naumshina, the surgeon of branch of surgery BSMP A. V.Rakitina.

the Commission has studied medical documents and circumstances of the reference and rendering of medical aid of the patient And. N. Kravtsovoj also has drawn conclusions that treatment of the given patient was necessary for spending in the conditions of hospital BSMP. Traumatologists V.L.Kondaraki and I.L.Sitnikov have committed a tactical error - did not hospitalise patient I. V.Kravtsov that however, has not affected a current, terms and disease exod.

on the basis of the made conclusions managing the traumatologic branch

I.N.Horoshilovu, to traumatologists V.L.Kondaraki and I.L.Sitnikovu declares summary punishments .

Head physician S. V.Verchenko.

Has prepared