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The Krasnoyarsk doctors working from a HIV - infected, did not insure

Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnoyarsk region has reported about checks of medical institutions in the first quarter of this year. Under the message a press - services, it is revealed 2   200 infringements, with a view of their elimination are brought 326 representations, 482 persons are involved in a disciplinary responsibility, 90 persons - to administrative responsibility. 670 statements are directed to courts, protested 11 illegal legal certificates.

Many of infringements concerned formalities. For example, wrong conducting the primary documentation. But some seriously struck at the rights of patients and even doctors. So it was found out that the workers who are carrying out diagnostics and treatment of a HIV - infected, and also working with the materials containing a human immunodeficiency virus, from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases, did not insure. Though it is necessary under the law. Public prosecutors of Lenin, Sverdlovsk areas of Krasnoyarsk, Rybinsk, Kansky interdistrict public prosecutors and public prosecutors BUT Zelenogorsk and others have given out to medical institutions in the territories corresponding writs.