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The speaker of parliament of Ukraine has written a resignation from - for adoptions of law about Russian

the Speaker of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin has written the application for leaving after that, the parliament has approved the bill of languages. On it on Thursday has informed a press - department service.

« In the device of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine the statement of the head of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvina concerning its resignation from a post of the head of the Supreme Rada » on July, 4th is registered; - it is told in the message.

The day before the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Vladimir Litvin and vitse - the speaker Nikolay Tomenko have declared intention to retire from - for accepted by the Supreme Rada of the law which gives the official status to Russian in a number of regions of Ukraine.

So, the Supreme Rada at vesper session on Tuesday, on July, 3rd, has unexpectedly countenanced the bill of languages. Oppositional deputies have tried to prevent voting, but at them left nothing - the parliamentary majority managed to carry out procedure.

In case the law will be signed by the president, Russian will receive the status regional there where it is native at least for 10 % of the population, and it is 13 of 27 regions of Ukraine.