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On roads Priamurja for days 6 persons

on area roads have suffered the Past day has brought 5 failures in which different traumas were received by six amurchan. The first failure has occurred in 8. 05 in Tyndinsky area on a federal line « Lena » 40 - the summer drunk driver has moved down in a ditch and has turned over on   Nissan Cube. Further in 16. 45 in settlement Novorajchihinsk 23 - the summer girl was strongly dispersed by the car and, without having managed to drive, ran into a column. In five hours in 21. 40 in Burejsky area on 6 km of a line Bureya – Doldykan on « Nissan March » has turned over 25 - the summer girl. In Belogorske into the same time in an electrosupport ran 30 - the summer man on motorcycle IMZ - 8. Last road accident happens in Blagoveshchensk. On a crossroads of Kalinin and Krasnoarmejsky 27 - the summer guy has taken in head to pass road to red light and has been brought down « tojotoj Mark 2 » at the wheel which sat 33 - the summer woman. In total inspectors of traffic police for days have fined 487 infringers of traffic regulations, 14 drunk drivers to whom deprivation of the rights now threatens have been caught, informs UGIBDD UMVD the Russian Federation across the Amur region.