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Putin will meet Kofi Annan

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, on July, 17th, will meet with spetsposlannikom the LOG and the United Nations on the Syrian problem Kofi Annan . The former secretary general of the United Nations Organization has arrived to Moscow the day before.

« on July, 17th in Moscow Vladimir Putin`s meeting with the special envoy of the United Nations Organization and League of the Arabian states of Kofi Annan which will be on a visit in Russia 16 &ndash will take place; on July, 17th » - informs a press - service of the Kremlin.

It already the visit second for last four month spetsposlannika in the Russian Federation. « during a forthcoming meeting it is planned to confirm once again support of Kofi Annan`s peace plan by Russia on politiko - to diplomatic settlement of crisis in Syria. The Russian side recognises that this plan – a unique viable platform of the decision of the Intrasyrian problems » - have noted in department.

we Will remind, antigovernmental demonstrations in the Arabian republic proceed the second year. Victims of violence from the beginning of protest actions became more 13 thousand persons, including 9 thousand civilians.