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juzhnouraltsy consider that their son has died from - for a negligence of the American doctors

Cheljabinets Damir Zajnulin has died in March of this year, but clearness in this history as was not and is not present. The man has left to work in the USA, it should appoint the director of the global engineering centre in the State of Minnesota. But 34 - summer juzhnouralets strongly was ill. As it is possible to understand from sketchy messages in skajpe and sms, illness developed very quickly.

- the temperature to 40 degrees Has risen, and the son was converted into the regional medical centre of Sacred Frensisa, Shakopi, Scott, Minnesota, - parents of Damira write in the reference to the representative under human rights. - There to it have diagnosed: a virus infection, have written out the recipe on a medicine for a headache and an infection and have sent it for work. Couple of days it was treated, but the temperature did not fall down. The foot in a coxofemoral joint as the son wrote strongly was ill, the doctor has laughed and has told that I was injured.

on March, 10th at night Damiru became absolutely unbearable, and it has called « fast ». It have taken away in that de clinic where have made the new heavy diagnosis.

- Nekrotichesky fastsiit the bottom extremities, a sepsis, a status of the patient critical with small chance of a survival! – so it is written down in its medical card.

in the Morning to it have performed operation after which he has died. As the representative under human rights in the Chelyabinsk area informs, parents of Damira consider that the American doctors incorrectly treated their son.

- I assume that Damiru have not rendered the timely qualified medical aid. – the woman writes. - moreover, I consider that this inhuman relation to mortally sick person. Why so late diagnosed such deadly disease, when on the bill each hour of precious time?

Alexey Sevastyanov was converted behind explanations in the Consul of the USA. Besides, the inquiry in investigatory committee of Russia prepares.