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The inhabitant of Barnaul to catch the thief, has closed it in the car

on July, 15th in Barnaul policemen have detained the man who tried to plunder another`s car.

the Proprietress « Chevrolet Lachetti » in the middle of night the worked alarm system has woken. ZHenshchia left on a balcony to look what`s happened, but the court yard was empty. After a while the alarm system has worked again and the proprietress again suspicious near to car has not seen anybody. Then she has decided to arrange « an ambush ». On a balcony she has started to observe sowing of the car.

- To mashinepodoshel the man also began to try to open a door. The alarm system has earned, - inform in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory. - the woman has decided to arrive on - artful. Time the malefactor with such enviable stubbornness tries to get into its car, it will give it such chance. The autoproprietress has removed the car from the alarm system, the malefactor has there and then sat down in the car, and the woman has again included « signalku » thereby having blocked the man in the car. The mistress of a car has called in police. Not the invited guest rummaged in the meantime in a glove compartment, but interesting to itself(himself) it has not found anything. As a result the man has removed a children`s automobile armchair. In any image it managed to leave the car, but has not had time to disappear. At this time on a scene employees of private security have approached. Literally in ten metres from a place of theft of the thief have caught together with a children`s autoarmchair in hands.

Now on the given fact the question on criminal case excitation under article 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation &ndash is solved; theft.