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Ural Mountains has drawn with Yenisei

the match of second tour SUPRA - superiority of the country on football with participation « has come to the end with the Equal bill; Ural Mountains » and « Yenisei ». The meeting passed in Ekaterinburg.

Visitors have opened the bill in the beginning of the first time: exact blow noted the halfback of visitors Alexey Bazanov. Later Krasnoyarsk citizens could increase rupture in the bill, however sverdlovchan in two episodes has gained a skeleton of gate. And on exod of first half of match players « Ural Mountains » have evened up scores. Spartak Gogniev has irresistibly punched a head after an exact canopy of the partner on command.

Second half of meeting has passed with advantage « Ural Mountains ». Owners have hammered in one more ball, however the main judge has seen in an episode with a capture of gate infringement of rules, and the goal, alas, has cancelled.

the Photo: FK « Ural Mountains »

- the Result is natural, - exod of game head coach FK « sums up game; Ural Mountains » Paul Gusev. - If to take game as a whole it was divided into two times. In the first game and territorial advantage had « Yenisei » and, having hammered in a ball, was closer to increasing a separation - two crossbeams, good approaches to collars in the central zone. In the second time territorially our command owned a situation, and the command a little bit looked better. But I consider that a drawn game - absolutely natural result of a match.