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In the Tyumen region have started cleaning of early vegetables

the region Enterprises have begun gathering of early grades of vegetables – cabbage and a potato. As the assistant to the governor Vladimir Chejmetov has informed at session of presidium of the regional government, the situation on fields does not call fear – the Tyumen region does not test such difficulties with a moisture lack, as some next regions.


« In soil the moisture of June rains is saved, local deposits drop out in areas and within current month » - Vladimir Chejmetov has explained. The price for production of vegetable growers keeps at level in 10 - 12 roubles for kg. It is connected with deficiency in the vegetable market – From - for low procurement prices many Russian economy have reduced the areas under vegetable cultures while the Tyumen region has increased the vegetable plantations more than by 10 %.  

Before economy also a task in view to increase volumes of preparation of forages, best-selling at agricultural manufacturers from the next regions. The governor has specified to the head of regional department of agrarian and industrial complex in necessity of rigid control over level of fodder stocks that realisation of forages to partners has not caused a damage to own animal industries, informs a press - service of the governor.  




A press - service of the governor of the Tyumen region