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At the agent of national security the son was born!

this happy event in a family of the actor of Theatre Lensoveta of Michael Porechenkova and his wife of artist Olga happens in the sabbatical evening. On October, 12th in 21. 55 doctors of maternity hospital 2 have accepted deafeningly shouting kid. That the boy will be born, Porechenkovy foreknew. The ultrasonic made several months ago has defined that in a family there will be a fellow-heir.

28 - summer Olja feels normally, now she together with the kid has a rest in separate chamber.

we have called the happy father Michael Porechenkovym.

- I already was in maternity home, saw both Olju, and the son, - have told the agent of national security . - They at me good fellows, feel fine, look too.

the close friends have already congratulated Michael on this remarkable event, now prepare gifts - distribute, who will buy a carriage, who - a bed on whom to charge with acquisition of pampers. Michael has already thought up a gift for Oli. However, while keeps it a secret - to an extract.

parents of Porechenkovy have decided to name the son Michael. In honour of the father. In actor`s apartment of mess with names will not be: houses the newly made father call Porechej so Misha will be here in the single copy. joins all congratulations to a family of Porechenkovyh!