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Against Felix the family

With weather to us obviously acts in film has not carried - on Thursday since 11 mornings the dog Moscow cold was replaced by a vile rain. And without that the deserted park of the Central House of the artist where have found the final abode busts and sculptures of the Soviet leaders in the neighbourhood with surrealistic urodtsami, seemed absolutely thrown. To offer a free photo on “ polaroide “ at the pleasant monument first it was possible only for mums phlegmatically rolling baby carriages. And after all to be photographed was with whom - Lenin, Kalinin, Stalin, Sverdlov, Brezhnev... In a word, choose a substitute on taste.

first nice pair of students became a victim of ours sotsoprosa. Alexander and Xenia study in Stroganovsky art school and have come to park on the instructions of the teacher. To look that is called, on, how earlier “ moulded “. To the offer to be photographed have concerned with understanding.

- With Dzerzhinsky as - that would not be desirable, - they have explained, being attached on both hands of Mihajly of Lomonosov. - though to all of us it is equal that will be with a monument. At us other problem - the diploma on a nose!

then the man alone waiting a rain in a shade of an old oak has got to an objective of a pension kind. It has appeared - the visitor of capital and the assistant to the editor-in-chief of radio station “ Dnestr region “.

- I from Tiraspol, - first have unwillingly explained Vladimir Kochubey. - I want to tell that at us memory of history chtut is better. If have established a monument it is not necessary to transfer it anywhere. And I want to be photographed with Michael Lermontov.

- rise to it more close, - our photographer has tried to order.

- it`s nothing, same such giant of thought. Who I in comparison with it?

the group of kiddies of any elite kindergarten has appeared the First who has wished to be photographed with Iron Felix. The teacher has half-heartedly allowed to communicate to us to rising generation. Swinging plastic revolvers, the generation quick cavalry lynx has jumped to bottom of a monument to founder VCHK - KGB.

- Petja! Dima! - it is proud they cried out the names.

- and a leah you know, Petja who costs on this pedestal? - We have asked the most quick.

- artist Pushkin! - it is proud the kid declared.

- does not know - and thank God, - only and the tutor has sighed.

the further there was a rain, the less often people responded to our offer. The old woman with appearance of the widow of the artist even has accepted us for copyists of the population and, in horror having waved away kljukoj, has slipped to the Crimean bridge.

behind it the man similar to the engineer of confidential factory has after departed:

- it is yet authorised To me to give interview!

but with pleasure two citizens of Great Britain were bought on a free photo. Mr. of Oades and Parber why - that have chosen a monument from suburb of London Sverdlovu:

- We here the first time and yet have not bypassed all exposition. Yes here many also are not familiar to us. Unless Dzerzhinsky, Lenin, Charles Marx, Stalin... And on a broader scale to collect all history in monuments in one place is a good idea.

the former military journalist Vitaly Radchenko has expressed desire to be photographed near to Joseph Dzhugashvili:

- On - to mine, monuments should not be touched. Where them have put, there and should stand. But time has transported here... Here to you that, not history? And Dzerzhinsky let better here costs.

- Here it does not look at all, - has disagreed the engineer - the industrialist Elena Litvinova. - On Lubjanke it looked perfectly - what power, what dominant,

what idea of the sculptor. Another matter - the person.

Alas, but to the majority of passers-by the destiny of a monument Dzerzhinsky (and all other monuments) was absolutely indifferent.

fat line under our monitoring was brought by local yard keeper Rostislav Molokovich:

- Monuments should stand here that on all city them not to search, and to come here and to examine all. My favourite monument? Undoubtedly is Vladimir Vysotsky, it my substitute. But I will not be photographed with it. It is a shame, a leah know. There is it naked, with a guitar and, - Rostislav Arkadevich measures the left hand distance from a tip of a middle finger to an elbow joint, - here with such pisjunom! Sculptors hrenovy!

Muscovites have voted for Dzerzhinsky

34 persons Are interrogated:

with Iron Felix 7 Muscovites have wished to be photographed;

with Lermontov - 1 person;

with Lomonosovym - 2;

with not clear figure on a game - 3 persons (the grandmother, mum and a daughter sucking a dummy);

have not wished to be photographed with anybody therefore as any sculpture does not call them any emotions, - 21 persons;

12 persons have declared that it is necessary to return Felix on Lubjanku;

3 persons consider that Dzerzhinsky - a shame of Russia;

9 have declared that the destiny of a monument to them is uninteresting.

And than are worse than Chikatilo?

Perhaps to spit on all and to put a monument of Chikatilo - all - taki too a part of the Russian history?! Our history on similar characters is rich! Maljuta Skuratov, Lavrenty Palych... A leah Yes was them which were tearing out nails and in a drink plavlennyj lead pouring a little. History, speak? So NSDAP for Germany too history. Here only not to find on all faterljandu a monument partajgenosse to Himmler. And after all it about Dzerzhinsky one work did.

It is impossible to put monuments only that is history. In the history of each nation there are pages with which it should be a shame!

Algis Mikulskis, Kaliningrad.

it has rescued thousand people

we Lived in Rasskazovke, near to Peredelkino. Mum has decided to bring us to Moscow. Have gone on the Suharevsky market behind purchases, and suddenly the market was captivated by crowds of homeless children. Torn off, dirty, they pulled out everything at people that only it is possible. And here the car has approached, it left Dzerzhinsky, there was also a horse militia - shpanu took away and brought where - that. And it became because Felix Edmundovich very much wanted, that homeless children have been arranged, studied.

and more an example. My surgeon, Ljubov Karlovna Sokolova, told that to it the start in life was given by a colony of Makarenko. Studied on rabfake, then at medical institute, became the surgeon. Dzerzhinsky has rescued from  destruction of hundred thousand children. People who have grown are grateful to it and became doctors, teachers, actors, pilots. I and all my acquaintances for that the monument to Iron Felix has been restored.

A.N.Gerasimov, Ekaterinburg.

hooligans - the woken people have taken down it not!

the Monument to the terrorist at the Solovetsky stone of trouble - that can be more blasphemous? Hooligans, and the woken people have taken down a monument in 1991 not. Whatever art worthiness it possessed, its one kind should arouse fear in everything knowing history. Neither sentimentality, nor honesty, neither asceticism, nor all homeless children rescued by it will not move killed on its instructions.

Natalia Vernander, the radical Muscovite.

without it all wrong way

As it have fallen down, all has gone at us wrong way. I live in village Herbalists of the Chelyabinsk area. So in our village almost at all iron doors. It to what the country have finished?! We - both youth, and old men - are afraid to leave on a visit in the evening or in Recreation centre. And after all in days of old both worked, and walked till the night. So I greet Luzhkov`s idea.

Zoe Nikolaevna Nosova.