Rus News Journal

As I the shoplifter

was Would be desirable to begin from apart, reception any literary to use, but, excuse - I better at once to business. And business was so.

I Have come into shop. And after all that is insulting: has bought - that practically nothing - milk there, kefir... While in turn to cash desk stood, has had time to notice the nice girl. She near doors waited for someone. Not that that began me to build eyes, but has smiled so knowingly. Say, you, djadechka, the good fellow, are able to appreciate beauty.

Has paid off, I go to an exit. Directly on me - the man in a dark blue jacket. With such kind as if now will tell: Good evening, you are greeted by firm transglobal an underground on the occasion of an anniversary of our company we want to offer you a set mini - vacuum cleaners for a bath...

and the man speaks to me: Forgive, all of you have paid?

I have had time to think: is interesting begins, the good fellow.

- everything, - I speak.

- And you are assured?

- it is assured.

- and we have an information that you not have paid all. What at you in pockets?

and here I understand that me suspect of larceny. There would be a business abroad, I would decide that it is provocation of special services. And here all native. The girl near an exit has pricked up the ears. And at me in pockets - a mobile phone and a bunch of keys from the house which in this shop precisely are not on sale. In dark blue it has not confused the person. He has threateningly asked: have forgotten Nothing? while asked, its hand has appeared in my pocket (at me has flown: Here you, the uncle, also were pierced ) Whence he has triumphantly taken the reduced by half pack of a cud.

- well here, and speak, have forgotten nothing. At us after all such cud is on sale?

- no concept I have. I that, should hand over it in a left-luggage office?

- you want to tell, what have bought it in other place?

I wanted dyhnut on the person in dark blue that he has understood that I last days did not chew a cud, but have regretted sluzhivogo.

- So, - has told sluzhivyj disappointedly. - Well, OK, go.

- and all? - I ask.

- and what still is necessary to you? I have apologised... (Says lies, before he and did not think to apologise.) Here I have seen that the nice girl has left, and has decided what to hurry to me now there is no place. Therefore gently took the person under a dark blue elbow and has insinuatingly offered:

- And now send the manager to search.

- what for?

- we Will discuss a situation.

the woman - the manager (we name it for brevity Anna Petrovna) long could not understand, than, actually, the buyer is dissatisfied. I state: here have supposedly offended me. It to me: well you want, work at us such, the signal has arrived, our business to check up. I on it: OK, I wish to see a signal source. The person in dark blue has gone where - that to call. I explain to Anna Petrovne: your affairs are bad - took the innocent person and in the face of other innocent people personal inspection to it have made, moreover without understood (I have said it especially ominous tone). Store workers have trembled. Perhaps speak, it is not necessary? The person in dark blue - the pensioner, it is necessary to regret...

But here the signal source has come: the nice girl (yes that for a day such!) By name of Oksana. Has reported: I through a tracking camera have noticed it, how you in a pocket have put something, and has reported on protection, but here to take offence there is nothing - work at me such.

- who you, - I am interested, - on a post?

- a detective.

- aha, so, you have a juridical education...

- is not present, - Oksana responds.

- then, - I, - you not tell a detective, and the operator of machine tracking.

the joke was pleasant to Oksana. She already quite on - svojski has told pair of cases how there comes the person in a good coat, with the wife, and itself, the reptile, steals a cognac bottle. I have inspected myself: instead of a coat - a jacket, wives nearby are not present - well that is absolutely suspicious subject. And Oksana calms me: yes you be not tormented so, in life all needs to be tested.

and here just a paper and the handle under my request have brought - I have decided the serious statement to write. To Oksana I speak: You go, there after all the hall zhulja, probably, is full of everyone, will plunder shop on a cube. And it already and most would not like to leave. And that to tell: the man I nice (especially if already to know that has not stolen anything). While wrote, Anna Petrovna was distressed: And represent that would be, if you, let us assume, with the girl here have come! to me from such thought became not on itself, but I all - taki have added the statement: both about mental cruelty, and about personal inspection, and about without understood and about a stain on reputation of shop... In the answer has heard the habitual: work at us such.

in general it is, a little more, and I with Anna Petrovnoj would make friends (Oksana by then have left). Give, I think, I descend home. At home to anybody has told nothing, and still the wife will start to lament that: Oh, a grief - that what, yes that it deetsja! Instead villages and a note has written. Work at me such.

P. S. And to a management of shop I here that I want to advise - from foreign experience: than to be spent for such protection, it is better to mark the goods. That, if who will try to take out them, such opposite signal was distributed.

and that after all so is short also clients to scare away.

and on a broader scale has carried to shop that this time under suspicion the journalist - the person counterbalanced has got, managed with humour to estimate a situation and even to derive from it small benefit in the form of the fee for article. Though the deposit, of course, remained

Rich too hide

do not think that store thefts - destiny of younger schoolboys, hereditary kleptomanov and needy antisocial elements. With this business trespass sometimes even rich and well-known - sports stars, show - business and, quite probably, journalists of solid bourgeois editions. However, on last category of workers at us clean data are not present. And as to stars, that a known example - actress Vajnona Ryder detained in expensive shop for theft of clothes. That is interesting: even when its fault has been proved, the public a mount has risen on protection of the favourite actress. The T-shirts let out in view of that " used huge demand; Release Vajnonu and Vajnona it is guilt-free with portraits of a victim of the American trading system.

How to behave to the fair Muscovite in shop

1. Pay ALL bought goods and safely go to an exit.

2. Try not to enter dialogue with unfamiliar men from a protection service.

3. If to leave from dialogue nevertheless it is not possible, answer questions accurately and easy, avoiding type phrases yes I you, the freak if I will want, can buy together with thy nasty shop .

4. If the man from protection of vanities of a hand in your pockets, nebolno take it for a wrist or slightly slap on a palm and whisper: Cease, opposite, you to me are right have restrained .

5. All specified actions are desirable for spending in the presence of witnesses. To find them it is easy: as soon as you stop to talk to the person from protection, the weight wishing around will crowd to look, as have caught the thief, and in appearance - the decent person . So let though will participate.

Store protection transgressions

Employees of legal service having familiarised with a material, have come to such opinion: employees of the security enterprise have arrived wrongfully. According to the law of the Russian Federation About private detective and security activity of the Russian Federation Protection of shop in case of the arisen suspicions about theft by the buyer of the goods has the right to detain the person who has made an encroachment on the property of shop, and immediately to pass its police officers. And only the last in the presence of understood the report on administrative detention concerning the person suspected of petty theft (has the right to make item 7. 27 KoAP of the Russian Federation).

Suggest the security guard to call militia, and you will release

to Comment on a situation we have asked the senior of change in protection of other large supermarket. Here its direct speech:

- After receipt of a signal from the tracking panel our business - to stop the buyer. And further variants are possible. With the become puzzled person it is possible to do everything - it and will turn out pockets, and to climb there will resolve. Security guards use it. But it is necessary to the buyer to show awareness, and victory on its party. Explain to the security guard that the search is an excess of its powers. Or suggest to call militia that all to issue as it is necessary. I assure you: will release you this second. The main thing - not to rustle, not to be boiled. People work for us in legal sense dark, but physical podgotovochka quite good.