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August has ended - and Let it pass!

last time August named black in 2000 when there was an act of terrorism in metro station transition Pushkin the submarine " has sunk; Kursk the Ostankinsky television tower also has burnt down. Last year all has managed, and here misfortunes now have again pulled hard. And again the diversified mystical and semimystical inventions have gone to a course about fatal month . Actually all is much easier.

August - time of holidays of the first heads. Their subordinates relax, abiding in such semiholiday. In case of threat of state of emergency of the decision are accepted with delay. Besides, in holiday August people move much, transport streams increase - the risk of failures increases...

here pertinently absolutely reasonable objection: and what, in other world people have not a rest? Or have a rest not in August? Yes is not present, last month is considered summer all over the world Dead season both in affairs, and in the politician. A difference between us and other world - in that safety factor which has the technician at them and at us. There the technics more or is less in due time updated, and its quality is on the average better, than at technics domestic. In Russia the technics is worn out, works on a limit of the possibilities, therefore the slightest overlay is fraught with tragical consequences.

in 2000 spoke about so-called " much; a problem of 2003 thus paid attention to two disturbing factors: this year it is necessary peak of payments on an external debt of the country and same year, by calculations of experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, landslide failure of the grown old technics will begin, failures and accidents everywhere will begin. Now about an external debt speak without any fear - say, we will pay, without straining. But why - that financial optimism has extended and on technogenic sphere though there no cardinal improvements have occurred - fixed capital both grew old, and grow old. Pipes in the earth decay, power stations and boiler-houses develop the resource, the railways decay... But even it still only half-misfortunes.

in the country is about hundred thousand dangerous manufactures and objects, from them 1500 - nuclear and 3000 - chemical, concerning to especially dangerous. Their lion`s share has started to work in the sixtieth - the seventieth years, that is years thirty - forty back. For last fifteen serious money for reconstruction of these objects the state did not allocate years - simply because there was no this money. And experts from these enterprises flowed away last years ten, it is not less. Who there remained and on what works - it is not known: a privacy mode. When and where rvanet - we do not know and we can not know.

After August, 2000 when we have realised for the first time a reality of threat of technogenic accidents in Russia, I have tried to make the forecast of succession of events. As it is necessary, has composed three scenarios: optimistical, pessimistic and realistic. Now, after two years, already clearly that the optimistical scenario has not taken place - on it Russia should receive annually on 40 billion dollars of investments. Then we could update fixed capital of years for 8 - 10. Alas, the miracle has not occurred, the shower of gold to Russia has not spilt.

thank God, it was not realised yet and the worst scenario, on which on one of mail boxes there is a large-scale nuclear or chemical failure to the subsequent attraction of the international forces. While we can observe, how the realistic scenario is realised: there are failures, but not so large, MinChS led by S.Shojgu valorously struggles with their consequences. The stream of investments gradually accrues, but it is obviously not enough of it for updating of fixed capital which meanwhile grow old and grow old. And all becomes more probable worst of scenarios.

emergency situations of technogenic character occur in the winter more often, but they - breaks of heating mains, defrosting of apartment houses, failures on boiler-houses - became so habitual that we on them do not convert attention. Unlike the August failures connected with transport tragedies shaking imagination. Therefore experts of MinChS only grin, when once again hear about black August . But what to do, if in our consciousness harmless August has appeared so is closely connected with various misfortunes? Perhaps to someone it becomes easier than that it has ended and there has come September...

Statistics of the accidents which have occurred in August

When and where That has occurred How much was lost
August, 2000
on August, 1st.
Factory Kaustik . Explosion with chlorine allocation. 2 persons, 16 are poisoned.
on August, 7th.
Earthquake of 5 points. Victims are not present. 28 settlements (1390 houses are destroyed) have suffered.
on August, 8th.
Explosion in underground transition to a Pushkin Square. 13 persons. In total has suffered 121 persons.
on August, 12th.
Barents sea.
the nuclear-powered submarine " Has sunk; Kursk . 118 persons.
on August, 28th.
the Fire on the Ostankinsky tower. 4 persons.
At them
on August, 2nd.
Japan. Taketoio.
Explosion of 8 tons of gunpowder at factory NOF. Victims are not present. 56 persons are wounded. 350 houses are destroyed.
August, 2001
on August, 8th.
the Typhoon. 3 persons.
on August, 11th.
the Chechen Republic.
helicopter Mi Air crash - 8 FPS Russia. 3 persons.
August, 2002
on August, 2nd.
the Fire of the third transport ring. Victims are not present.
on August, 2nd.
the Chechen Republic.
Fights on Russian - the Georgian border. 8 persons.
on August, 10th.
Krasnodar territory.
Flooding. From 58 to 300 persons.
on August, 18th.
Accident of the trip bus the GROOVE 24 persons.
on August, 19th.
the Chechen Republic.
the Air crash military - transport helicopter Mi - 26. 118 persons.
on August, 21st.
gas Explosion in an apartment house along the street Ak. The queen. 9 persons.
on August, 29th.
Khabarovsk territory.
plane An Air crash - 28. 16 persons.
At them
the Middle of August.
the central Europe.
Flooding. More than 30 persons.

the Table was made by Yury the SNEGIRYOV.