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Parodist Alexander Peskov: I so have fallen in love with Las - Vegas that the Known master of a parody Alexander Peskov was late for a long time aboard the plane

has travelled the whole world. Saw both the old woman - Europe, and the most exotic countries. But he only has with all the heart fallen in love with the American capital of entertainments, a profit and profit city - Las - Vegas.

- I am enamoured of this city. And, when I have a possibility to have a rest, aspire there. Though there are also funny cases.

recently I the whole month was on tours, has driven on all North American continent. Tour was very strained, constant moving, flights. I have very much got tired. Here also has decided to go on a week to the favourite city - to have a rest, look at colourful shows. For me show viewing in Las - Vegase is not only aesthetic pleasure. As for the professional is a thing very important and necessary. In Las - Vegase it is possible to see something new and unusual. The discomfiture has occurred already in the end of my trip to Las - Vegas. Having drunk wine and smartly having spent time, I have decided to rise on local Ejfelevu a tower. Therefrom all city clearly. Night, beauty unusual! Has decided to make a photo for memory. When took in hands this photo, in left ugolochke has noticed that there is a date - the first day of already next month. I was taken aback: why the first? The first I should be in Los - Andzhelese.

It appears, Alexander so has gone on a spree that all has mixed. Has been assured that in a month 31 day, and in actual fact left only 30.

- I was horrified, understanding that my plane has departed for a long time already, after all time was 2 o`clock in the morning. It was necessary there and then to sit down on phone to phone to the airport and to explain that I have mixed numbers. The most surprising, to me have met, have not shown any penalties. The only thing is pleasant: I have spent one more day in my favourite and smart city where has had time to take pleasure again in a remarkable and indelible show the Fountain - show .

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